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Dairy Packaging Solutions Spotlight

Equipment Capabilities

In the dairy industry, whether it’s liquids like milk and yogurt or essential powdered products such as infant formula and milk powder, the importance of reliable and efficient packaging cannot be overstated. At Ska Fab, we understand the unique demands of the dairy sector and have honed our expertise to provide tailored packaging solutions that elevate your dairy production.

With a commitment to preserving freshness and quality, our machinery is here to support dairy manufacturers in their quest to meet consumer demands while ensuring product integrity.

Our mission is to enable dairy manufacturers to excel in their packaging processes, providing consumers with top-quality, safe, and convenient dairy items. Explore our range of innovative machinery and learn how Ska Fab’s expertise can help you meet the challenges of the dynamic dairy market. 

Watch video of powdered baby food containers being unloaded on FHA 3000 Automatic Depalletizer

Watch video of plastic milk containers being bagged on Semi-Automatic Bagger

Watch video of protein powder containers being unloaded on FHA 3000 Automatic Depalletizer

Preserving Freshness, One Container at a Time

Liquid Dairy Products

The dairy industry, both for liquid and solid products, is a cornerstone of our food landscape, providing essential nutrition to consumers. It relies on diverse packaging solutions, from cartons and bottles for liquid products to various containers for solid items. Ska Fab is the leading innovator in providing tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of the dairy sector. Our expertise extends beyond machinery, as we understand the intricacies of handling and preserving dairy products. Whether you need advanced liquid filling lines or precision sealing equipment for your dairy packaging solutions, our state-of-the-art technology ensures that dairy manufacturers can keep up with consumer demand while maintaining product freshness and quality.

Our most valuable solutions for bulk dairy applications are the FHA 3000 and FHA 5000

These palletizing dairy packaging systems, available for installation, discharge full-height pallets of plastic containers, metal cans and glass bottles to streamline your product lines. The FHA 3000 is compatible with pallets weighing up to 1,000 pounds with plastic, metal and fiberboard containers and vessels. The FHA 5000 is designed for glass bottles or jars and unloads pallets up to 5,000 pounds.

Our automatic depalletizers feature heavy-duty tubular carbon steel frame construction and offer a configurable design to adapt to your facility layout and workflow. The frames feature four-point cable lift systems and adjustable elevation detection systems for precise layer indexing. A fully integrated PLC and intuitive main screen keep your operation connected to the number of layers run through the system. Product presets reduce tool changeover to boost efficiency further.

Milk Container on Conveyance
a row of plastic bottles are lined up on a conveyor belt
plastic containers on depalletizer
Packing Dairy Goodness with Precision and Care:

Powdered Dairy Products

Powdered dairy products, such as milk powder and infant formula, are essential components in the food and nutrition industries. These products require specialized packaging solutions to ensure product integrity and shelf stability. Ska Fab is committed to enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the dairy industry’s powdered product packaging processes. 

We offer cutting-edge machinery, including powder filling and pouching equipment, designed to optimize production while safeguarding the quality and nutritional value of these essential products. With our technology, dairy manufacturers can confidently meet the demands of a discerning market, ensuring the continued success of their powdered dairy product lines.

Crafting Quality, Shaping Tomorrow:

Blow Molding Suppliers

Blow molding companies are at the forefront of creating essential packaging products relied upon by dairy manufacturers. In this pivotal role, they must ensure that they can meet high production volumes without compromising on the quality of their packaging. 

Choosing Ska Fab as your dairy industry packaging equipment provider grants the technological backbone for these operations to not only manage large-scale production efficiently but also to deliver packaging products that meet the stringent requirements of co-packers and food manufacturers. 

Our machinery is designed to optimize the production process, enhance product consistency, and drive down manufacturing costs, helping blow molding companies remain competitive and indispensable in the dairy packaging industry.

a conveyor belt with a lot of white cylinders on it
a conveyor belt filled with white plastic jars
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Why Trust Ska Fab for Dairy Packaging Solutions?

 Our machines represent a commitment to quality and performance, while our systems integration services speak to our turnkey approach. We offer in-house engineering expertise to take an initial review and design automated solutions fitting your facility, its existing processes and equipment, and your company’s budget.

We back our first-rate equipment with the best ongoing support and service in the industry. We respond when you need us, remotely or on-site, to ensure world-class customer experiences.

Create Your Container-Handling Automation Plan With Us

With depalletizers from Ska Fab, your bulk dairy packaging operation can see a significant productivity boost. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our packaging solutions for the dairy industry.

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