FAR Bulk Palletizer

FAR Bulk Palletizer

Full height automatic palletizer for aluminum and other metal containers.

The FAR Bulk Palletizer is available in a variety of configurations and runs at speeds up to 600 CPM. It can be used on lines with full height depalletizers or other custom height depalletizers depending on location and ceiling height. Requiring only a single operator and a single tool, the FAR palletizer’s streamlined design makes it possible for fast-paced changeovers.

FAR Features & Specifications:


• Automatic layer formation

• Automatic tier sheet layers

• Accommodates multiple can sizes

• Speeds up to 600 CPM

• Load/unload with pallet jack

• Minimal air consumption (5-6CFM at 80PSI)

• Siemens PLC platform with touchscreen controls

• Custom colors available

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