Container Rinsers


From plastic oil bottles, large glass flasks, or aluminum cans, Ska Fabricating has the rinse solution for your specific layout and line requirements.  

Twist Rinse Cages

Ska Fab’s twist rinse cages can be created to suit your production needs and container types.  We offer single or dual lane options.

IonFlow Air Rinse System - with Rinse Cage


Introducing IonFlow – Ska Fabricating’s newest addition to our lineup of container rinsing solutions. 

Designed for use with CIB twist rinse cages, whether new or ones already in use, the IonFlow is a simple addition to any line that is looking to move away from water rinse. 

IonFlow Air Rinse System - Kit Only

The IonFlow Air Rinse Kit adapts seamlessly to any CIB rinse cage container dimension and is a four-bolt installation process. 

A simple way to eliminate water from your packaging line.

High Volume, Vacuum Ionized Air

The A&E Pur-Rinse system is based on their patented Air-Vac technology. The Air-Vac principle uses high pressure ionized air as the cleaning agent, combined with a continuous vacuuming process at the opening of the container to help remove and collect debris from containers.

The A&E system uses an advanced ionization process that has built in diagnostic features along with an internal alarm function to provide assurances that the ionization system is operating correctly. The Air-Vac and the Advanced Ionization Controls are the two key elements that differentiate any other air rinse system from an A&E Pur-Rinse system.

a depalletizer in a factory has a yellow staircase leading up to it

S-Grip Lowerators with Ionized Air

Ska Fab side-grip lowerators are an efficient way to safely decline your glass bottles/jars, plastic containers, aluminum, and steel cans from high elevations. The small footprint saves valuable floor space and the tool-less adjustability makes line changeovers quick and easy. Elevation heights for containers entering side-grip (top) and discharging (bottom) are built to customer specifications.

Dual side-grip conveyor with tube-style chain for glass containers and feather-style chain for lightweight containers. 

S-Style features an ionized air rinses system that rinses containers during decline.

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