FHA 3000 & 5000 Automatic Depalletizer

The Ska Fabricating FHA 3000 and FHA 5000 Automatic Depalletizers discharge full-height pallets of empty metal cans, plastic containers, and glass jars/bottles. Our depalletizer design supports flexible configurations, allowing it to be tailored to customer-specific requirements. Discharge, decline, roller/chain conveyor, and other options are designed to be able to work on all depalletizer units.

FHA 3000 unloads pallets weighing up to 1,000 lbs. (plastic containers, aluminum or metal cans, or fiberboard tubes/containers).

FHA 5000 unloads pallets weighing up to 4,000 lbs. (glass bottles or jars).

The FHA 3000 and 5000 Depalletizers are designed to unload both 44″x56″ and 40″x48″ sized pallets with it’s adjustable side walls. Can be configured to push containers lengthwise (48″ side of pallet) or widthwise (40″ side of pallet). User friendly Allen Bradley HMI touchscreen offers up to 20 product (container) presets in product selection menu for tool-less product changers. The FHA 3000 and 5000 also offers multiple discharge conveyors that range from a single lane discharge conveyor to an extended high speed single filer to meet speed and space requirements. Other options to compliment the units include gravity and automatic roller/chain conveyor, side-grip decline conveyors, operator access platforms, top frame removal, light curtains and custom color. 

The FHA 3000 and 5000 automatic depalletizer is an ideal choice for many food, beverage, and consumer product good manufacturers such as sauce and spice producers, petroleum manufacturers, protein or baby food powder manufacturers and more. 

Ska Fab’s sales and engineering department is committed to providing the right conveyance to meet your speed and space requirements. We offer multiple discharge conveyor and table top conveyor options to best handle your unique container. Like all Ska Fab equipment solutions, the FHA 3000 and 5000 is built with quality components, providing maximum longevity and reliability. 


Glass sauce jar on FHA 5000

Baby formula canister on FHA 3000

Machine Options:

Our customers are the heart of everything we do. The FHA 3000 and 5000 depalletizer is one of many solutions we can customize to meet your needs. These additional options can boost your throughput and streamline your operation further: 

  • Discharge conveyors: Throughout the conveying and packaging process, our accumulation tables and conveyors will hold and move your glass, metal or plastic containers, allowing you to maximize efficiency and streamline your workflows. We will pair your depalletizer with the most suitable discharge conveyor to meet your space and speed requirements. 
  • Manual and automatic chain and roller conveyors: Reduce the heavy lifting and boost operator safety with either manual or fully automatic chain or roller conveyors to simplify pallet loading and staging. 
  • Decline conveyors or chutes: These customized machine options bring your containers to line level. Our popular S-Grip Lowerator with Ionized Air-Rinse and Z-grip Lowerator bring your containers safely down to line level.
  • Door safety light curtains replace the traditional depalletizer door, allowing quick and efficient pallet loading. 
  • Personalized aesthetics: Make your brand stand out with custom powder-coated depalletizers, conveyor frame colors and corporate logos. 

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