FHA 3000 & 5000

FHA 3000 & 5000 FULL-HEIGHT

Automatic Depalletizer

The Ska Fab FHA 3000 & 5000 depalletizers discharge full height pallets of empty metal cans, plastic containers, and glass jars/bottles. Our depalletizer design supports flexible configurations, allowing it to be tailored to customer-specific requirements. Discharge, decline, roller/chain conveyor, and other options listed below are designed to be able to work on all depalletizer units.

FHA 3000 unloads pallets weighing up to 1,000 lbs. (plastic containers, aluminum cans, or fiberboard tubes/containers)

FHA 5000 unloads pallets weighing up to 4,000 lbs. (glass bottles or jars)


  • Heavy-duty tubular carbon steel frame construction
  • Industrial powder-coated finish for enhanced
    corrosion protection
  • Heavy-duty aluminum side walls
  • Accepts 44” x 56” or 48” x 40” pallets
  • 120” discharge elevation
  • Can be configured to push containers lengthwise (48”
    side of pallet) or widthwise (40” side of pallet)
  • 1HP motor with 1000lb lifting capacity for FHA 3000 and 3HP motor with 4,000lb lifting capacity for FHA 5000
  • Integrated four-point cable-lift system built within the frame
  • Easily adjustable elevation detection system for precise layer indexing
  • Sweep assembly frame initiates when downstream photo eye indicates space available
  • Pneumatic slip-sheet removal system with dunnage rack
  • Pinch-point guarding and safety signage throughout


  • User friendly HMI touch screen (7” LCD) with auto/manual controls
  • Multicolor LED stack light indicator for pallet change over and/or machine fault
  • Electrical panel safety disconnect/lockout and e-stop for operator safety
  • 480V/3 Phase/60 Hertz (additional voltages available)
  • 80-100 PSI clean air supply required – 2-3 CFM


  • Fully integrated PLC with quick-access diagnostic screen
  • Main screen shows how many layers are programmed to run and keeps count of how many layers have ran
  • 20 product (container) presets in product selection menu
  • Product presets allow for tool-less product changeovers

Additional Machine Options

Discharge Conveyors

Accumulation tables and conveyors are designed to hold and move your glass bottles/jars, plastic containers, aluminum, and steel cans at different points during the conveying or packing process.

Ska Fab will help you pair your depalletizer with the right discharge conveyor to meet your speed and space requirements.

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Bi-Directional Mass Accumulation Table

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Inline High Speed Single Filer with Mass Accumulation Table

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High Speed Single Filer with Mass Accumulation Table

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Dual Lane Discharge Conveyor

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Single Lane Discharge Conveyor

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Bottle Chute (used with customer owned hopper)


Side-Grip Lowerators

Ska Fab side-grip lowerators are an efficient way to safely decline your glass bottles/jars, plastic containers, aluminum, and steel cans from high elevations. The small footprint saves valuable floor space and the tool-less adjustability makes line changeovers quick and easy. Elevation heights for containers entering side-grip (top) and discharging (bottom) are built to customer specifications.

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Z-Style Side-Grip Lowerator

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S-Style Side-Grip Lowerator


Machine Options

Bottle Chute (used with customer owned hopper)

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Automatic Powered Roller Conveyor

Automatic Powered Chain Conveyor

Low Profile Pallet Stacker

Top Frame Removal System

Operator Access Platform

Safety Light Curtain (replaces traditional door)