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Ska Fabricating automates packaging lines for craft businesses, specializing in depalletizers, palletizers, conveyance systems, rinsing, drying, fill detection and date coding products. With over 700 customers worldwide, we have the products and experience to help you increase your production while saving expense. Our original small footprint depalletizer was designed for the craft brewing market and quickly became the most widely used automatic depal for craft breweries worldwide. As our reputation grew, our product reach expanded to many other industries. We have experience in handling multiple sized containers for beer, wine, cider, kombucha, coffee, tea, water, pharmaceuticals and food. Give us a call and we'll help you find an affordable solution to your bulk handling needs.

New "Zero Footprint" - Twist Rinse

The Zero Footprint Rinser makes it possible to run a smaller footprint canning line than ever before. This pre-fill can rinser is an easy add-on to your depal or conveyance system, saves considerable space and was designed with the specific goal of saving space in smaller production spaces without sacrificing the power of a full canning line.  Find out more...


"NEW" Vertical Height Sensor for new Can-i-Bus Depalletizers

If you can more than two sizes of containers, the Vertical Height Sensor (VHS) will save you time and money. Find out more...

Introducing the "Double Barrel" - Dual Twist Rinse

Do you fill 12 and 16 ounce cans? Tired of changing over your rinse cages and resetting your photo eye? Well then, you should love our latest addition to the Ska Fab family. Introducing the “Double Barrel” dual lane rinse cage. All you do is slide the rinse cage to the size you want, no tools ⚒ required! Available now. Find out more...


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