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Beverage Packaging Equipment Capabilities

Ska Fab designs automatic, semi-automatic and manual equipment for the beverage industry, including depalletizers, palletizers, conveyance and accumulation systems, rinsers, dryers, case packers, and date coders that handle glass, plastic and metal containers. Our equipment has helped to produce coffee, kombucha, beer, wine, ready to drink (RTD) cocktails, tea, soda, sparkling water, cider, water, non-alcoholic, hard seltzer, energy drinks, wellness drinks, and countless other types of beverages.

Watch video of 8oz aluminum RTD Cocktail on a full-height depalletizer

Watch video of 12oz sleek Kombucha on a full height depalletizer

Watch video of aluminum water bottle on full height depalletizer

Watch video of glass and PET plastic beverage bottle on full height depalletizer

Your brand, your goals.


Companies that develop their own beverages and find new ways to capture consumer markets need to keep up with demand. Beverage automated packaging systems empower these facilities and drive their success.

Ska Fabricating’s equipment is built to scale as you scale. From small lines that have never been self-produced to large-scale brands that want to keep production in-house, Ska Fab sells what you need to grow and get more of your creative product onto the shelf.

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Agility, scale, speed:

Beverage Co-Packers

With a specialization in beverage automated packaging systems, these facilities need an end-to-end solution. Ska Fab carries the equipment required from start to finish to move, clean and palletize packaging in these product lines.

The beverage sector has changed by leaps and bounds to include a new and diverse range of product types and ingredients.  

Any beverage co-packer has to be able to switch gears quickly and adapt and adjust to new orders.  Beverage packaging equipment that stands the test of time, with a team standing by that is rooted in a commitment to customer care, is the Ska Fab difference.

Our equipment options for the beverage industry include:
  • Palletizers: Our selection of palletizers allows your operation to automate the pallet loading process to readily meet production demands. 
  • Depalletizers: Ska Fab offers a series of automated and semi-automated depalletizers for all packaging types. The FHA 3000 and 5000 work with glass and plastic bottles with 20 packaging presets. Our selection of aluminum and metal depalletizers includes the Magic Bus, Can-I-BusNimbus and Microbus.
  • Container rinsers: Remove potential contaminants more confidently with our container rinsers in several model choices. Our mid-stream auxiliary equipment also includes a can washing and drying system designed by our in-house engineers, which is ideal for kombucha production equipment among other applications.
  • Conveyance and accumulation solutions: Help reduce production line bottlenecks with automated conveyors for accumulation and pallet handling. We have multiple types available to meet your needs across production points.
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FHA 3000 and 5000
Magic Bus
Container Rinsers

About Us

Ska Fab specializes in helping companies like yours achieve production goals through numerous methods. With our team, you gain:

  • A consultative approach: Whether you are a beverage co-packer or an innovator, we help you identify solutions for your facility and goals. Through collaboration on system integration, we can give your operation a competitive edge.
  • High-quality solutions: We maintain a high standard of quality for all machinery to withstand industrial environments and offer long life spans.
  • Ongoing service and support: Our team offers superior responsiveness with our customer support. Remote technical support and on-site visits allow us to keep your systems running smoothly if you encounter any challenges.

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Ska Fab can make your plans a reality, whether you are looking for automated quality assurance solutions or efficient beverage packaging equipment.

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