Ska Fab designs and builds quality container handling equipment for the packaging industry

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About Ska Fab

Want to learn more about Ska Fab?  Born in the small town of Durango, CO, Ska Fabricating started as a homegrown answer to the gap in solutions available for small to mid-sized breweries to get their products to market. Our depalletizers were eagerly accepted as the industry standard across the beer world, so our team decided to dream bigger, design more, and engineer further than we ever had.  We expanded our portfolio to capture the beverage space and still felt there was much to achieve.

In early 2022, our acquisition of GR-X Manufacturing in Grand Rapids, MI made it possible to expand our reach into glass, plastic, fiberboard and steel containers for virtually every possible application.

Our customers receive the highest quality, most reliable products on the market backed by our team of expert engineers and a knowledgeable, responsive support team. We are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes meet their high standards of quality and get their products packaged and onto the shelves.

Who we are

Ska Fabricating is a leading industry provider of container handling equipment solutions. We have multiple in-house design and manufacturing centers to enable purpose built, high quality equipment that can be configured to your specific needs. We also have a global team of sales representative and field technicians whose sought-after expertise is leading the industry.

What we do

We provide our customers with rugged equipment built with reliable parts and components. Our mission is to improve performance and maximize efficiencies within our customers plant.

How we do it

We review your plans and will present you with a detailed configuration and line layout leveraging the deep experience of our sales engineers. We can adapt our solutions to fit your specific building layout and third party equipment requirements.