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Ska Fabricating is a leading manufacturer of automated packaging equipment for small to large-size businesses. Our packaging solutions address these companies’ unique needs through quality design, reliable components, engineering expertise and our supportive team.


Not sure what equipment is right for you? Or are you imagining a fully integrated production line? Partner with Ska Fabricating and we can make it happen.


Ska Fab depalletizers are an economical and efficient means to unload empty aluminum, glass, or plastic containers from bulk layered pallets. Ska Fab has various types of depalletizing equipment.

a large machine with a yellow conveyor belt and stairs

Full-Height Automatic Depalletizers

Our full-height automated packaging machines include:

  • MAB for high-speed depalletizing of metal containers.
  • CIB for production lines running at 400 cans per minute (CPM) or faster.
  • FHA 3000 and 5000 for depalletizing plastic, glass and metal containers.

Half-Height Automatic Depalletizers

Our half-height automatic depalletizers include:

  • HHA 5000 for glass, plastic and metal containers.
  • Nimbus for production lines operating up to 50 CPM.
  • Microbus for aluminum cans and metal containers up to 30 CPM.

Full and Half-Height Manual Depalletizers

We have several full-height and half-height depalletizers, such as:

a palletizer packaging machine in a warehouse

Bulk Palletizers

Our bulk palletizers are designed for companies specializing in can sleeving, labeling, printing or other forms of decorating as well as plastic blow-molders or can manufacturers who need palletizing solutions, and more. We have automatic and manual machines suitable for many operation types.

Automatic Bulk Palletizers

Our bulk palletizers run automatically with minimal human intervention. Our models include:

Manual Palletizers

Our manual palletizer makes palletizing operations simple, efficient and ergonomically friendly. Easily operated controls adjust the unit to an optimal loading angle (and height) to ensure a consistent and safety palletized stack, one layer at a time.

Conveyance & Accumulation

Ska Fabricating’s conveyor and accumulation equipment transition production lines between product numbers and container types. They also keep the line moving to reduce downtime. We have several types of conveyors:

Inline High Speed Single Filer

Table Top and Accumulation Conveyors

  • Single Lane Discharge Conveyor
  • Inline High-Speed Single Filer with a Mass Accumulation Table
  • Dual Lane Discharge Conveyor
  • Table Top Chutes and Conveyors
  • High-Speed Single Filer with Mass Accumulation Table
  • Bi-Directional Mass Accumulation Table

Z and S-Style Side-Grip Lowerators

  • Z-Style Side-Grip Lowerator
  • S-Style Side-Grip Lowerator
  • Mini Z-Style Side-Grip Lowerator
  • Mini S-Style Side-Grip Lowerator

Pallet Handling Stackers and Conveyors

  • Automatic Powered Roller Conveyor
  • Low-Profile Pallet Stacker
  • Gravity Roller Conveyor
  • Automatic Powered Chain Conveyor
containers going through heat treatment

Flame Treatment Systems

The Ska Fab flame treatment system surface treats plastic bottles to enhance the adhesion of bottle labels and printing prior to application. Flexible adjustments and ease of operation enable maximum flame control on a wide range of container shapes and sizes.

Precision flow controls regulate air and gas for accurate flame and heat consistency. 

2 Burner Flame Treater

  • Single unimixer to supply gas/air to 2 burners
  • Suitable for a wide range of container sizes

4 Burner Flame Treater

  • Two unimixers to supply gas/air to 4 burners
  • Fully adjustable bottle rotator handles bottles that are short, tall, wide, narrow, round, square, off-centered necks, and more
  • Suitable for a wide range of container sizes

Semi-Auto Baggers

Our semi-auto bagger packaging equipment bags empty plastic bottles. The conveyor moves the containers into the bagger. Once a full layer of bottles are formed, the bagger pushes the layer into a plastic bag. Dual-activated push buttons then seal the bag so they can be stacked for storage and/or shipping.

Our bagger equipment includes both rear and side load options to suit different operational setups.

a lot of plastic bottles are lined up on a bagger

Rear Load Bagger

rear load bagger

Side Load Bagger

side load bagger in a warehouse


Container Rinsers

Our container rinsers use water or air to rinse particles and debris from containers on the conveyor line. We have three types of rinsers:

  • Standard Rinse Cage to invert the containers and rinse with water before refilling.
  • Dual Rinse Cage to change can sizes to rinse containers on either side of the cage.
  • Ionized Air Rinser to clean containers using high-pressure ionized air.

Standard Rinse Cage

Dual Rinse Cage

Ionized Air Rinser

Air rinser system

Trust Ska Fabricating for Your Packaging Solutions

Ska Fabricating manufactures automated solutions for the packaging industry. Our experienced team of engineering and support experts set the standard across industries such as beverage, consumer packaged goods, and beyond.

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