Packaging Equipment for the Petroleum & Automotive Industries

Petroleum & Automotive Industries Spotlight

Equipment Capabilities

Ska Fab is your go-to source for innovative equipment tailored to the petroleum and automotive industries. We specialize in automatic, semi-automatic, and manual solutions, including depalletizers, palletizers, and conveyance systems capable of handling various container materials. Whether you’re a blender, co-packer, or an independent label manufacturer, our equipment streamlines your processes and scales seamlessly as you diversify your product lines. Additionally, we’re a key player in the blow molding industry, supporting the production and supply of containers to drive the petroleum and automotive sectors. Simplify and elevate your operations with Ska Fab’s industrial solutions.

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Nimble and Solution-Oriented:

Oil Blenders

Oil blenders are the epitome of adaptability, taking on the dual role of handling petroleum packaging service and formulating products. Ska Fab’s cutting-edge equipment, including depalletizers, palletizers and conveyors, empowers these operations to integrate blending and packaging processes. Palletizers expertly stack and organize products behind the scenes, ensuring flawless presentation and distribution, while conveyors serve as the vital connective threads, facilitating the smooth transition from blending to packaging. Ska Fab’s solutions streamline operations, saving time and reducing errors in a rapidly evolving industry where precision and efficiency matter most.

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Dynamic and Agile:

Oil & Petroleum Co-Packers

For oil and petroleum copackers, adaptability and precision are key. These versatile manufacturers balance the production for multiple brands under one roof, a challenging feat that calls for unique solutions. Enter Ska Fab, whose advanced automation systems are the backbone of these bustling facilities. These systems ensure that production lines flow seamlessly, meeting company specifications and often demanding turnaround times with efficiency. 

Ska Fab’s mission is to champion the spirit of these co-packers, enabling them to continue their vital role in the ever-changing landscape of the oil and petroleum industry.


Blow Molders

Blow molders are pivotal entities within the petroleum industry’s packaging supply chain. These companies are entrusted with crafting the specialized containers that play an indispensable role in the sector. In this context, Ska Fab offers an array of  solutions, including palletizers, conveyance systems, and advanced flame treatment systems, all designed to optimize and streamline the operations of these blow molding providers.

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Our equipment options for the Petroleum & Automotive industries include:
  • Palletizers: Our selection of palletizers allows your operation to automate the pallet loading process to readily meet production demands. 
  • Depalletizers: Ska Fab offers a series of automated and semi-automated depalletizers for all packaging types. The FHA 3000 and 5000 work with plastic, glass and metal bottles with 20 packaging presets. 
  • Conveyance and accumulation solutions: Help reduce production line bottlenecks with automated conveyors for accumulation and pallet handling. We have multiple types available to meet your needs across production points.
a depalletizer in a factory has a yellow staircase leading up to it
Related Product Lines:
FHA 3000 and 5000
Conveyors & Accumulation

Implement Automation With Ska Fab for the Automotive and Petroleum Industries

Why Work With Ska Fab?

Experience and Expertise

Our team boasts decades of experience developing and implementing automated packaging equipment for manufacturers in the petroleum sector. We have an in-house team of expert engineers capable of tailoring our solutions to your needs. Each project begins with thoroughly reviewing your goals, existing equipment, facility layout and process workflows. We use this information and expertise to craft customized approaches to maximize your investment.

Service and Support

The Ska Fab team prioritizes exceptional customer experiences and is equally responsive to your post-installation needs. Our experts provide ongoing service and technical support to keep your production lines running smoothly. We offer remote assistance and on-site options to resolve any issues and protect your uptime when you need help.

Are you ready to start reaping the benefits of automated packaging technology in your plant? Explore how we can make your plans a reality — contact us today to discuss your goals or request more information.

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