MAB Depalletizer

Automatic depalletizer with pallet handling

The MAB depalletizer has a standard two-pallet infeed, which pulls pallets of cans into a depalletizer, where they are automatically emptied, stacked, and have their top frame and tier sheets removed and stored. It is a one-stop shop for depalletizing cans and is ideal for any application where speed is important, increased automation is needed, and operator involvement can be minimized.

“It's night and day...we're running at twice the speed while using about two-thirds of the footprint..."


  • Air: 12CFM @ 80PSI
  • Voltage: 480V 3 ph
  • Lift Capacity: 400 lbs (181 kg)
  • Max Pallet Height: 108″ (2743.2 mm)
  • Weight: Varies
  • Controls: Siemens/Allen Bradley Available


  • Depalletizer with Narrow-in, Narrow-out (NI- NO) configuration
  • Motorized dual pallet infeed system
  • Motorized pallet outfeed system with empty
  • pallet stacker (6 pallets before removal)
  • Siemens PLC platform with 7in HMI touch-screen controls
  • Variable Can Height System – selectable on HMI with no sensor relocation
  • Vacuum Tier Sheet and Top Frame Removal
  • Belt Driven Sweep/Actuator


  • Two pallet infeed, NI-NO: 281” L x 64” W, x 134” H x 155” ceiling clearance to stand machine
  • Metric: 7137mm L x 1626mm W x 3404mm H x 3937mm ceiling clearance to stand machine
  • Pallet specs: 44” x 56” pallet — Metric: 1118 mm x 1422 mm


  • Custom colors
  • Remote HMI for maximum operator interface flexibility
  • Custom configurations for depalletizer height and pallet size
  • Custom loading/offloading directions available
  • Allen Bradley controls
  • Multiple discharge conveyance options available to best suit line speeds and space constraints
MAB Features & Specifications:
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