Spare Parts Replacement

Protecting your

Ska Fab has evaluated 10+ years of equipment maintenance history over 1000’s of systems installed. 
Where even one day of downtime is unacceptable, we identified the most critical system parts that we recommend those customers have available on site.

Remove The Risk Of Downtime

We’ve developed two packages for parts replacement:  
Essential Maintenance Components are designed to keep production running when high-wear items need replacement. 
Critical Parts Replacement components may go 1- 5 years before needing replacement, but risk of lost downtime and lost revenue offsets the costs of stocking these critical spares onsite.  For Critical Parts, Ska Fab is providing discount incentives of 30% to make it an even easier investment decision.

While Ska provides basic spare parts for all our machines, package incentives are available for the following:

  • CIB – High Trim
  • MAB
  • FAR
  • BAM
  • HHA 5000
  • FHA 3000
  • FHA 5000

Protect your investment

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