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Equipment Capabilities

Ska Fab designs automatic, semi-automatic and manual equipment for the food industry, including depalletizers, palletizers, conveyance and accumulation systems, flame treatment systems and baggers that handle glass, plastic and metal containers. Introducing automation in food manufacturing helps your facility stay agile in a dynamic supply chain ecosystem while meeting production versatility needs. 

Robust, customized food-packaging solutions from Ska Fab are your answer for reaching those goals with packaging equipment for a wide range of food items from spice jars to dressing bottles to protein powder containers and countless other containers across the consumer packaged goods industry.

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Meeting the needs of the market:

Food Manufacturers

In the ever-evolving landscape of manual packing food production, it’s imperative for manufacturers to adapt and meet consumer demand efficiently.  Ska Fab offers innovative food packaging solutions tailored to suit the unique needs of facilities specializing in a diverse array of food products.

Our packaging technology isn’t just about keeping up with demand; it’s about streamlining processes and addressing the ongoing challenge of labor shortages within the industry. 

We provide food manufacturers with the tools they need to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and maintain consistent quality, all while ensuring that they can meet the high expectations of their customers in an increasingly competitive market. 

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Adaptable expertise:

Food Co-Packers

Food co-packers play a pivotal role in the food industry as they concentrate solely on packaging. To excel in this arena, co-packers require comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that enhance their entire production cycle. 

Ska Fab recognizes this need and offers a wide range of machinery and equipment designed to outfit co-packing facilities. From depalletizing to cleaning, labeling, and conveying, our solutions empower co-packers to efficiently and effectively manage every stage of the packaging process. 

We understand that the co-packers’ success hinges on the seamless integration of these processes, and our equipment is engineered to meet their demanding standards.

Crafting Quality, Shaping Tomorrow:

Blow Molding Suppliers

Blow molding companies are at the forefront of creating essential packaging products relied upon by food manufacturers. In this pivotal role, they must ensure that they can meet high production volumes without compromising on the quality of their packaging. 

Ska Fab provides the technological backbone for these operations to not only manage large-scale production efficiently but also to deliver packaging products that meet the stringent requirements of co-packers and food manufacturers. 

Our machinery is designed to optimize the production process, enhance product consistency, and drive down manufacturing costs, helping blow molding companies remain competitive and indispensable in the food packaging industry.

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Our equipment options for the food industry includes:

Ska Fab offers a range of packing solutions for food products across packaging types — from glass bottles for sauces to aluminum cans for soup. Our systems can help you automate often time-consuming packaging processes for food products like:

  • Canned products
  • Liquid items
  • Powdered foods

We design and create market-leading solutions for food production. Our automated solutions help food manufacturers:


Our depalletizers are some of our leading solutions in food packaging. The FHA 3000 and 5000 are fully automated systems that work with metal, glass, plastic and fiberboard. We also offer specialized solutions for aluminum and metal packaging — including the fully automated Magic Bus and our smaller, semi-automatic solutions like the Can-I-BusNimbus and Microbus.

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Related Product Lines:
FHA 3000 and 5000
Magic Bus
Container Rinsers

Why Trust Ska Fab for Food Packaging Solutions?

 Our machines represent a commitment to quality and performance, while our systems integration services speak to our turnkey approach. We offer in-house engineering expertise to take an initial review and design automated solutions fitting your facility, its existing processes and equipment, and your company’s budget.

We back our first-rate equipment with the best ongoing support and service in the industry. We respond when you need us, remotely or on-site, to ensure world-class customer experiences.


Create Your Container-Handling Automation Plan With Us

Ska Fab is a trusted industry source for automated solutions across the food manufacturing sector. We can help turn your plans into reality, whether you need food packaging machines for a small business or an enterprise-level system implementation.

Connect with us to learn more or take the next step in designing the ideal automation strategy for your company.

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