Packaging Equipment for the Co-Packing Industry

Co-Packing Industry Spotlight

Equipment Capabilities

Ska Fab is your trusted destination for cutting-edge equipment designed specifically for the wall co-packing industry. Our expertise lies in providing a range of solutions, spanning from automatic to semi-automatic, and even manual systems. This includes depalletizers, palletizers, and conveyance systems capable of handling a wide variety of container materials.

Whether you’re dealing with beverages or food, lotions or cooking oils, our equipment is meticulously crafted to enhance your operations. 

Look to Ska Fab to help you simplify your processes as you expand and diversify your product lines.

Solutions for Beverage Co-Packers

Considerations for CPG Copackers

Ska Fab Machines can handle a wide range of container types.

Adaptable and Results-Driven:

Solutions & Co-Packing Services for CPG

Companies worldwide turn to Ska Fab for their bulk pallet unloading needs. Ska Fab depalletizers efficiently and cost-effectively unload empty metal, glass, or plastic containers from layered pallets.

With a global track record servicing facilities of all sizes, we’re well-versed in handling a variety of bottles in different materials such as glass, plastic, steel, aluminum, and more. 

Our range of depalletizers, including the Full Height Automatic Depalletizers (FHA) 3000 and 5000, with up to 20 container dimension settings, and the Magic Bus depalletizer for aluminum containers, ensures a seamless transition from pallet to filler, ready for your customers.

a row of clear glass bottles stacked on top of each other
Aerosol Can on Depalletizer
wall of aluminium cans
Creative and Trailblazing:

Solutions for the Beverage Industry Co-Packer

Companies worldwide turn to Ska Fab for their unique beverage packaging needs. Ska Fab’s depalletizers efficiently unload empty aluminum, glass, or plastic beverage containers from bulk pallets, offering an economical solution.

Whether it’s kombucha, wine, RTD cocktails, coffee, tea, soda, sparkling water, cider, water, non-alcoholic or hard seltzer beverages, Ska Fab is the trusted expert in the industry. 

Our depalletizers are built for durability, use high-quality components, and prioritize easy operation, reliable performance, and a compact design. Ska Fab provides both manual and automatic depalletizers suitable for unloading full or half-height pallets.

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Choose Ska Fab for Automated Co-Packaging Machines

Why Work With Ska Fab?

Experience and Expertise

Our team boasts decades of experience developing and implementing automated packaging equipment for manufacturers . We have an in-house team of expert engineers capable of tailoring our solutions to your needs. Each project begins with thoroughly reviewing your goals, existing equipment, facility layout and process workflows. We use this information and expertise to craft customized approaches to maximize your investment.

Service and Support

The Ska Fab team prioritizes exceptional customer experiences and is equally responsive to your post-installation needs. Our experts provide ongoing service and technical support to keep your production lines running smoothly. We offer remote assistance and on-site options to resolve any issues and protect your uptime when you need help.

Are you ready to start reaping the benefits of automated packaging technology in your plant? Explore how we can make your plans a reality — contact us today to discuss your goals or request more information.

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