BAM Bulk Palletizer

The BAM Bulk Palletizer is an advanced industrial machine designed for the efficient re-stacking of empty cans, incorporating tier sheet and top frame placement, banding, and comprehensive pallet management. Engineered for high-speed operations, it seamlessly integrates with automated systems to handle every aspect of the palletizing process with precision and reliability. Ideal for facilities requiring swift and accurate palletizing solutions, the BAM Bulk Palletizer enhances productivity while maintaining exceptional quality control.

BAM Assembly

The BAM Bulk Palletizer offers a seamless solution for efficiently re-stacking layers of empty cans while handling tier sheets, top frames, and banding with remarkable precision. This sophisticated machine manages every aspect of the palletizing process, ensuring that each stage is executed with meticulous accuracy. Its impressive structure, measuring 536 inches in length, 73 inches in width, and 174 inches in height, demonstrates its robust capability while fitting efficiently within its required 185-inch ceiling clearance. The machine operates with a refined elegance, attributed to its high-grade components and advanced engineering.

The operation begins with the handling of empty pallets, which are managed by an innovative de-stacker. This system ensures that pallets are efficiently separated and fed into the palletizer’s infeed system via a drag chain mechanism. This process is essential for maintaining a steady supply of pallets ready to receive layers of cans. The infeed system is designed with a narrow-in, narrow-out configuration, optimizing the flow of materials and conserving valuable floor space in the production area.

Once decorated, cans are conveyed into the palletizer where they are arranged into neat layers. This stage is facilitated by an automated pattern-building system that ensures each can is precisely positioned. The machine’s ability to handle various can sizes and pallet patterns is enhanced by quick-change parts, allowing for rapid adjustments to accommodate different production requirements. The only changeover needed pertains to can diameter changes, simplifying the process and minimizing downtime. The layer shoring feature further enhances pattern quality by maintaining the integrity of the can arrangement throughout the process.

The transition between layers is managed by an automated vacuum tier sheet placement system, which places sheets between each layer of cans. This system is highly adaptable, with recipes selectable from the HMI touchscreen controls for different tier sheet materials. The top frame placement ensures that each pallet is structurally sound and ready for the final stages of handling. Once a pallet is fully stacked and topped with a frame, it is transferred to the outfeed conveyor for banding.

The integrated banding machine is a noteworthy add-on feature, offering lift and turn capabilities for banding in both directions. This ensures that the final product is securely fastened and ready for transportation. The banding machine is designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the palletizer, providing a cohesive end-to-end solution. The standard controls for this system are provided by Siemens or Allen Bradley PLCs, with a user-friendly 7-inch HMI touchscreen interface. This control system allows operators to easily monitor and adjust the machine’s functions, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

In terms of power requirements, the BAM Bulk Palletizer operates on 480V three-phase electricity and consumes air at a rate of 12 CFM at 80 PSI. These specifications highlight the machine’s industrial-grade capabilities, designed to meet the demanding needs of high-speed palletizing operations. With a lift capacity of 400 lbs and a maximum pallet height of 108 inches, the machine is well-suited to handle large volumes of cans with ease.

Customization options further enhance the versatility of the BAM Bulk Palletizer. Customers can opt for custom colors and configurations to match specific palletizer heights and pallet sizes. Additionally, the machine can be tailored with Allen Bradley controls, offering flexibility to meet diverse production needs.

The BAM Bulk Palletizer’s robust construction and sophisticated control systems ensure reliable and efficient operation, making it an ideal choice for industries that require high-speed and high-volume palletization of cans. By automating the handling of pallets, tier sheets, top frames, and banding, the BAM Bulk Palletizer significantly reduces manual labor, enhances productivity, and ensures consistent quality in the final stacked products.

BAM Bulk Palletizer Specifications

Available Options on the BAM Bulk Palletizer

  • Integrated banding machine with lift and turn capability for banding in both directions
  • Custom colors
  • Custom configurations for re-palleting height and pallet size
  • Allen Bradley controls standard can layer pattern
  • Side-grip elevator
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