BAM Bulk Palletizer

BAM Bulk Palletizer

Automatic Handling of Pallet, Tier Sheet,
Top Frame & Banding

The BAM Bulk Palletizer efficiently re-stacks layers of empty cans with tier sheet and top frame placement, banding, and pallet management. Empty pallets are also managed before they are fed into the palletizer. Once decorated, cans are conveyed into the palletizer where neat layers are formed, swept onto a pallet, and separated with tier sheets. Once complete, a top frame is placed and the pallet is transferred to the outfeed conveyor for banding (see add-on features). This machine is ideal for palletizing cans at high speeds.


  • Air: 12CFM @ 80PSI
  • Voltage: 480V 3 ph
  • Lift Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Max Pallet Height: 108″ 
  • Controls: Siemens or Allen Bradley


• Narrow-in, Narrow-out configuration

• Empty pallet de-stacker

• Drag chain empty pallet infeed system

• Automated pattern building and layer separation

• Quick-change parts available for any can size / pallet pattern

• Changeover required for can diameter changes only.

• Siemens PLC controls with 7in HMI touchscreen controls

• Layer Shoring for maintaining can pattern quality

• Automated vacuum tier sheet placement with recipes select- able from HMI for different tier sheet materials

• Top frame placement

• Odd-row removal system enables creation of industry standard can layer patterns

• Drag chain pallet outfeed system


  • 536” L x 73” W x 174” H 
  • 185” ceiling clearance to stand machine
  • Pallet specs: 44” x 56” pallet
BAM Assembly


• Integrated banding machine with lift and turn capability for banding in both directions

• Custom Colors

• Custom configurations for repalitizer height and pallet size

• Allen Bradley controls standard can layer pattern

BAM Features & Specifications:

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