MCB Depalletizer

Semi-Automatic Depalletizer

Capable of speeds up to 30 CPM, the Microbus can depalletizer is optimized for the smallest of spaces and lower speed applications.  Both the rotary infeed table and the automated sweep can be folded away, further reducing this already small machine’s footprint on your floor.

“It’s like watching a canning line terminator: relentless and terrifyingly efficient… it’s changing our world”


  •  Air: No Air Required
  •  Voltage: 110-115VAC 1ph or 220VAC 1ph
  •  Lift Capacity: 200 lbs (91kg)
  •  Weight: 800 lbs (360kg)
  •  Controls: Seimens


  •  For lines running up to 30 cpm 
  •  Powder coated mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum construction
  •  Foldable, storable rotary table discharge
  •  Foldable, storable automated sweep
  •  Accepts standard 44″x56″ (1120mm x 1420mm) pallet size up to 72″ (1829mm) high
  •  A full range of possible discharge directions, up to 270 degrees
  •  Easily loaded and moved using a pallet jack and our innovative welded mobility brackets


  • Running: 115″ (2921mm) L x 61″ (1550mm) W x 96″ (2439mm) H, not including Rinse Cage
  • Stored: 62″ (1575mm) L x 61″ (1550mm) W x 94″ (2388mm) H, not including Rinse Cage
  • Max Pallet Load Height: 72″ (1829mm)


  • Add on a Twist Rinse Cage with 1/4” (6.35mm) stainless rod guide rails & stainless rinse tunnel


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