CIB Depalletizer

CIB Automatic Depalletizer

The CIB is Ska Fab’s original, small footprint, automated can depalletizer – designed to fit your space and budget. 

The CIB is capable of handling full height or smaller pallets and depalletizing cans at speeds up to 400 CPM. 

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  • Max Pallet Height: 108” (2743mm)
  • Air (Trim Level Specific): Base is 1 CFM @ 40PSI, Mid and HIgh are 5-6CFM at 80PSI
  • Voltage: 208V-240V 1/3 ph or 480V 3ph
  • Weight: 1500lbs (680kg) • Lift capacity: 400lbs (181kg)
  • Controls: Siemens/Allen Bradley Available


  • Can accommodate full-height or smaller pallets
  • Multiple voltage options available
  • Capable of depalletizing aluminum and metal materials
  •  Loads with a pallet jack
  • Custom configurations available to best fit your space
  • Automated tier sheet removal


  • CE certification package
  • Depal Pal – tier sheet storage bin (floor mount)*
  • Heavy duty work platform
  • Twist rinse cage with 1/4″ (6.35mm) stainless rod guide rails & stainless rinse tunnel
  • Custom color choices available
  • Stainless Steel
  • Top frame removal* 
*See table on spec sheet for compatibility
Features & Specifications:

Additional Machine Options

Discharge Conveyors

Accumulation tables and conveyors are designed to hold and move your aluminum cans at different points during the conveying or packing process.

Ska Fab will help you pair your Can-I-Bus depalletizer with the right discharge conveyor to meet your speed and space requirements.

18″ x 136″ Discharge Conveyor

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Inline High Speed Single Filer with Mass Accumulation Table

Dual Lane Discharge Conveyor

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High Speed Single Filer with Mass Accumulation Table

Side-Grip Lowerator Conveyer

Side-Grip Lowerators

Ska Fab side-grip lowerators are an efficient way to safely decline your aluminum cans from high elevations. The small footprint saves valuable floor space and the tool-less adjustability makes line changeovers quick and easy. Elevation heights for containers entering side-grip (top) and discharging (bottom) are built to customer specifications.

Both the mini and standard S-Style lowerators feature an ionized air rinse system that rinses cans during decline.

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Mini S-Style Side-Grip Lowerator 

Z-Style Side-Grip Lowerator

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Mini Z-Style Side-Grip Lowerator 

S-Style Side Grip Lowerator

Decline Chutes with Rinse Cage

Standard Rinse Cage

Dual Rinse Chute

Dual Lane Rinse Cage

Ionized Air Rinser

Additional Options

Operator Access Platform

Table Top Conveyors

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