CIB Automatic Bulk Depalletizer

Optimize your packaging process and boost throughput with the automatic CIB bulk can depalletizer — an innovative solution engineered to elevate production line performance without compromising precision.

The CIB is the original can depalletizer with a small footprint to fit your space and budget. It stands out among full-height automatic depalletizers, depalletizing cans at speeds up to 400 CPM. This robust machine can handle full-height and smaller pallets and accommodates various container sizes and materials, making it an ideal solution for a wide variety of products and applications. 

The CIB depalletizer’s compact design allows maximum uptime and product throughput. Whatever your space requirements are, Ska Fabricating can customize the design to ensure this automatic depalletizer integrates seamlessly with your existing layout.  Seamless integration is our specialty, and our engineering team works with you to be sure that your floorplan is maximized for your desired output and speed requirements. 

Machine Options:

Ska Fab understands every facility has different operational needs. The CIB depalletizer is ideal for applications with limited floor space. The following machine options let you create a seamless flow throughout your operations, minimizing errors and leveraging your available space for streamlined productivity:

  • Discharge conveyors: Use our accumulation tables and conveyors to hold and move your cans at any point in the packing or conveying process. Work with Ska Fab to pair your Can-I-Bus depalletizers with the right discharge conveyor to complement your operations, meet your space requirements and perform at your desired speed.  Throughout the conveying and packaging process, our accumulation tables and conveyors will hold and move your glass, metal or plastic containers, allowing you to maximize efficiency and streamline your workflows. We will pair your depalletizer with the most suitable discharge conveyor to meet your space and speed requirements.
  • Side-Grip Lowerator Conveyor:  Ska Fab Side-Grip Lowerator decline your aluminum cans from high elevations safely. You can save valuable space with the CIB depalletizer’s minimal footprint. Keep line changeovers quick and straightforward with tool-less adjustability. We will customize elevation heights to your specifications for containers entering side-grip (top) and discharging (bottom).  The mini and standard S-Style lowerators feature an ionized air rinse system that rinses cans during decline.
  • Decline Chutes with Rinse Cage: Standard Rinse Cage, Dual Lane Rinse Cage, or Ionized Air Rinser


Additional Options:

  • Operator Access Platform
  • Table Top Conveyors

CIB Can Depalletizer with S-Grip Lowerator

CIB Depalletizer at Cutwater Spirits

Why Work With Ska Fab?

Our company is a leading industry provider of container handling equipment, and we know every facility has unique speed and quality requirements. We aim to maximize uptime and streamline our clients’ operations by creating purpose-built, quality solutions configured to your needs. We choose only the most reliable components to construct your depalletizers, ensuring we improve your performance.

No matter your facility’s size and layout, we will adapt your solution to work within these parameters, boosting your workflows and maximizing your available space. Our dedicated sales engineering team will work with your floor plan to increase throughput and ensure easy scalability as your business grows. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your current environment, pairing with digital printers, fillers and other critical equipment. Our field service team has installed machinery worldwide and is waiting to bring their expertise and technical skills to your next project. 

Our customers are the heart of everything we do — we continue supporting you after your purchase. Whenever you need assistance or technical support, you will get direct access to our experts who can talk you through any challenges. We will also visit your facility as needed, getting feet on the ground for repairs and maintenance. We pride ourselves on transparent communication and efficient problem-solving, minimizing downtime if you experience an issue with one of our machines. 

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Avoid limiting your operations due to your space and budget. The Ska Fab CIB depalletizer provides all the performance you need without these limitations. We will work with what you have, tailoring your solution to meet your present needs while also planning for the future. Contact us for more information and bring your plans to fruition.

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