Manual Tilt Depalletizer

The manual tilt depalletizer from Ska Fab makes unloading your pallet of containers simple, efficient and ergonomically friendly. Easily operated controls adjust the unit to an optimal unloading angle (and height). 

This unit is designed to accept a variety of stack dimensions, configurations, and product types due to the adjustable side panel design. Adjustable walls allow for 40” x 48” and 44’ x 56” sized pallets. Twin pneumatically actuated cylinders (for raising and lowering) and 1-1/2” ball screw (for pallet lift) unload pallets weighing up to 600lbs. 

Simply load your full pallet of containers into the depalletizer, tilt down to the unloading position, and either place the containers on your line or dump them into a hopper. The unloading angle will be higher if dumping into a hopper.

Manual Tilt Depalletizer – Tilted to unload product by hand

Manual Tilt Depalletizer – Tilted to unload product into a hopper

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