HHM 2000

HHM 2000

Manual Depalletizer

The HHM 2000 manual depalletizer for half-height pallets is an economical and efficient means for unloading bulk layered pallets of empty glass, aluminum or plastic containers. 

Unit includes an integrated lift and is suitable for unloading pallet size/ranges: 40″ to 44″ W x 48″ to 56″ L.



  • Industrial powder-coated finish for enhanced corrosion protection
  • Heavy-duty aluminum side walls
  • Pallet configuration: 44” x 56” or 40” x 48”
  • Heavy-duty tubular carbon steel frame
  • Compact footprint
  • Outfeed elevation: 46,”  51,”  or 53″ to the bottom of the top layer of containers
  • Chain driven stationary hand wheel crank


  • Four-post integrated cable lift system built within the frame
  • Operator pendant for up/down controls
  • Interlocked safety access door
  • Integrated drive assembly includes motor control
  • 3hp motor with 4,000 lb. lifting capacity


  • 408V/3 Phase/60 Hertz (Additional voltages available)

Additional Machine Options

Discharge Conveyors

Accumulation tables and conveyors are designed to hold and move your glass bottles/jars, plastic containers, aluminum, and steel cans at different points during the conveying or packing process.

Ska Fab will help you pair your depalletizer with the right discharge conveyor to meet your speed and space requirements.

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Single and Dual Lane Discharge Conveyors

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Bi-Directional Mass Accumulation Table

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High Speed Single Filer with Mass Accumulation Table

Additional Machine Options

  • Gravity roller conveyors for loading and staging your pallet.  
  • Decline chutes and table top conveyors are customized to bring your containers to your line level.
  • Custom powder coated frame color and corporate logo decals to make your brand stand out.
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Gravity Roller Conveyor

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Custom Decline Chutes and Table Top Conveyors

Custom Logo Decals

Custom Powder Coated Color on Frame