HHM 2000 Manual Depalletizer

The HHM 2000 manual depalletizer is a cost-effective and efficient solution tailored for unloading bulk layered pallets of empty glass, aluminum, or plastic containers. This depalletizer is designed with versatility in mind, featuring an integrated lift mechanism that seamlessly handles various container types and materials.

Specifically engineered for half-height pallets, the HHM 2000 accommodates 44″x56″ or 40″x48″ sized pallets. This adaptability ensures compatibility with different packaging configurations, providing businesses with a reliable and versatile depalletization solution. Whether dealing with glass, aluminum, or plastic containers, the HHM 2000 manual depalletizer offers an economical and streamlined approach to enhance productivity in material handling operations.

Machine Options:

Our customers are the heart of everything we do. The HHM 2000 depalletizer is one of many solutions we can customize to meet your needs. These additional options can boost your throughput and streamline your operation further:

  • Discharge conveyors: Throughout the conveying and packaging process, our accumulation tables and conveyors will hold and move your glass, metal or plastic containers, allowing you to maximize efficiency and streamline your workflows. We will pair your depalletizer with the most suitable discharge conveyor to meet your space and speed requirements.
  • Pallet loading conveyors: Reduce the heavy lifting and boost operator safety with gravity roller conveyors to simplify pallet loading and staging.
  • Decline chutes and tabletop conveyors: These customized machine options bring your containers to your line level. Door safety light curtains replace the traditional depalletizer door, allowing quick and efficient pallet loading.
  • Personalized aesthetics: Make your brand stand out with custom powder-coated depalletizers, conveyor frame colors and corporate logos.

Testing glass jars on HHM 2000

Testing glass bottles on HHM 2000

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