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Want to get your beverage noticed on the shelf? Put it in a can!

Consumers are confronted with an overwhelming array of beverage choices these days. Retail drink displays are jam-packed with so many offerings that beverage producers have to go the extra mile to draw attention to their products. The graphics, messaging, even the shape of your product can make a huge difference. That is why aluminum cans are the smartest choice for beverage packaging.

No other container has 360 degrees of printing space from the top to the bottom, creating a unique wrap-around canvas to really show off your brand. Cans also come in an amazing number of shapes and sizes, thanks to aluminum’s manufacturing flexibility.

And when it comes to the drink inside, cans deliver. They chill faster and pack nicely for on-the-go refreshment. The freshness and flavor is locked in and light-sensitive ingredients are protected. And of course, they release that rush of carbonated goodness when you pop the top.

The trend these days towards ‘better for you’ beverages shouldn’t stop with the drink itself. Aluminum cans are much better for the environment. They are infinitely recyclable – in fact, they are recycled more often than any other container.

Cases of Glass Bottles per Trailer
Cases of Aluminum Cans per Trailer

Infographic Courtesy of the Aluminum Association

The craft beer industry has known about the benefits of cans for years. In fact, the industry credits cans as one of the reasons that the craft market has exploded in recent years. Taking a walk through the beer section of your local store these days is like visiting an art gallery!

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