Ska Fabricating Presents: The International Microbus Depalletizer

After the excitement surrounding the Microbus, the Worlds smallest depalletizer, interest and inquiry have continued from friends far and wide for an international version of the machine. We are so proud to announce that the moment has finally arrived to introduce you to the International Microbus.

Rated to 1800 CPH, and designed with the same portability and small footprint in mind, the International Microbus has an automated sweep that unloads cans onto a foldable and storable orbital discharge (OD) table. This depalletizer can accommodate 6 of the worlds most common pallet sizes due to its adjustable side walls, which can be changed from one size to another in minutes using pre-measured bolt-in placements. With sleek Siemens controls and added flexibility from multiple discharge options to feed into the rinse cage, there are so many possibilities for how this machine can be configured in any space.

Using a hand crank (or hand-held drill), the pallet carriage is lifted into position so that the containers can be swept into the OD table for accumulation and alignment into the rinse cage.

Mobility is truly the middle name of the International Microbus, and this is an integral consideration of the machine as a whole. A key facet of this design are the welded mobility brackets that are affixed to the bottom of the machine, making the entire piece easy to load and to move using a standard pallet jack.

We are looking forward to hearing all about the projects across the globe that will be brought to fruition by the International Microbus – and hope that you’ll drop us a line to let us know how we can help make those projects a reality!

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