Ska Fab has Something for Everyone at the Craft Brewers Conference

As the doors swing open at the Craft Brewers Conference 2024, the air buzzes with the excitement of discovery and possibility. Amidst the bustling crowd of brewers and beverage innovators, Ska Fabricating stands tall, ready to showcase a world of automated solutions designed to revolutionize your production journey. Whether you’re dreaming up a new space, aiming to amplify your existing line, or seeking to optimize operations with cutting-edge technology, Ska Fab has something uniquely tailored to your needs.

Creating a New Space? Dive into Automated Solutions with Ska Fab!

Are you a craft brewer or beverage innovator envisioning a new production space? Look no further! Ska Fabricating offers a comprehensive range of automated equipment tailored to your needs. From depalletizers to palletizers, we’ve got you covered.

CIB and S-Grip

Fuel Your Growth with Ska Fab's Automated Equipment

Ready to take your existing line to the next level? Explore Ska Fab’s conveyance options and line expansion solutions. Whether you’re adding new lines or optimizing your current setup, our automated equipment ensures seamless integration and enhanced efficiency. 

Optimize Your Line with Ska Fab's Cutting-Edge Solutions

Elevate your production efficiency with Ska Fab’s innovative additions like the S-Grip Lowerator and the all-new IonFlow Air Rinse System, which mounts directly to existing CIB Depalletizer rinse cages –  ELIMINATING WATER from your packaging line! Inquire about your CIB or join the waitlist for our Nimbus and Microbus rinse cages for ultimate line optimization.

Diversify Your Container Options with Ska Fab

Looking to expand beyond aluminum? Ska Fab’s automated equipment, such as the FHA 3000 or 5000, are versatile enough to handle glass, plastic, and metal containers with ease. Many beverage innovators rely on quick changeover between container sizes and types  – embrace flexibility in your packaging choices without compromising on efficiency.

Empower Your Co-Packing Journey with Ska Fab

Are you a co-packer seeking to meet diverse client needs? Ska Fab’s automated solutions cater to every stage of production, from setup to expansion. Collaborate with us to streamline your co-packing operations and exceed client expectations.  Take a look at our co-packing market as well as our beverage and beer markets that we serve!

Unlock Financing Solutions with Ska Fab

Worried about financing your automation journey? Ska Fab offers flexible financing options tailored to your budget and requirements. Let us help you navigate the financial aspect, so you can focus on optimizing your production line. Reach out HERE to start a conversation!

Experience Quick Setup with Ska Fab's Rental Solutions

Short on initial investment but eager to reap the benefits of automation? Explore Ska Fab’s rental solutions for quick setup and minimal upfront costs. Enjoy the convenience of paying incrementally while maximizing efficiency in your operations.

Join us at Booth #1879 in Las Vegas from April 21-24 at CBC to explore these offerings further and discuss how Ska Fab can transform your brewery or beverage production journey. Look for our neon wheel logo – we will see you there!

Ska Fabricating Booth Information

Click HERE to add us to your show planner and make Ska Fab a part of your CBC schedule! View our booth (#1879) on the show floor map.

To make an appointment with our sales team at the show – click HERE!

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