Ska Fab Services

Ska Fab Services

Innovative solutions that improve efficiency

Small Footprint Solutions

We specialize in space and cost efficient depalletizers and other equipment for various packaging materials like aluminum, glass, steel, cardboard, or plastic.

Packaging Line Consulting

Whether you need to fit a packaging line in your basement or your factory, we have experts ready to provide solutions for all types of spaces.

Systems Integration

We work closely with Markem Imaje, Filtec, and A&E Conveyance to provide a variety of integration. From checking fill level’s, to date coding and even drying- We help you get it in the can…or bottle…or package.

Serving Multiple Industries

We serve multiple industries.  If your product packaging comes on a pallet Ska Fab can help package your product with convenience and ease.

Conveyance Customization

We have seasoned professionals that can customize your system from the beginning of the line till the end of the line, ranging in speeds all the way up to 400 CPM.

Prototyping Services

Do you have an idea or a need to have something automated, fabricated, machined or welded?  We can help you brainstorm or even come up with a prototype.

Some other products from the innovative minds at  Ska Fab