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Ska Fabricating™ has a complete line of products for packaging line automation. Our can depalletizer is the original, small footprint, semi-automated depalletizer. Our bottle and glass depalletizer is low level with a small footprint and is available with numerous configuration options to best fit your space. We build a custom height depalletizer that is available in multiple configurations and sizes. It handles aluminum and metal containers. The Half Pint mobile depalletizer is designed for canning lines with tight space restrictions or mobile operations. It's lightweight and comes on castors for easy movement.


Ska Fabricating™ brings our automation expertise to the other end of the line with our empty can palletizers. We have a full line of palletizers to match the line speeds and automation you need. From half height semi-automatic systems to full height with fully automatic layering.


Once you have your cans or bottles depalletized, we'll move your containers with our complete conveyance solutions. We offer a full line of conveyors from single filers to mattop accumulation tables. Our twist rinse cages are widely used as a pre-rinse and our rinsing and drying systems will remove excess liquid from the containers after filling. Ska Fabricating™ will also help you with our quality control products from date coding to low fill detection, we've got you covered.

Can Depalletizer

Can Depalletizers

The #1 Can Depalletizer in the craft brewing industry. It's the original, small footprint, semi-automated depalletizer. Find out more…

Snodgrass Glass Depalletizer

Glass Depalletizers

Bottle and glass depalletizers are low level with a small footprint available with numerous configuration options to best fit your space. Find out more…

Mobile Depalletizer

Mobile Depalletizers

The Half Pint mobile depalletizers are designed for mobile canners and breweries with tight space restrictions. Find out more…

Can Palletizer

Can Palletizers

Ska Fabricating™ brings our automation expertise to the other end of the line with our full line of can palletizers. Find out more…

Rinsing & Drying Systems

Rinse & Drying Systems

Complete air knife can dryers with custom rinsing systems. Find out more...

Ionized Air Rinser

Ionized Air Rinsers

Air-Vac and the Advanced Ionization air rinse system from A&E. Find out more...

Twist Rinse Cage

Twist Rinse Cages

Twist Rinse integrates seamlessly with our Can Depalletizers and Mobile Depalletizers. Find out more…

PakTech Handle Applicator

PakTech Applicator

The PakTech Handle Applicator has a compact footprint and simple, yet robust design. Find out more...

Date Coding Systems

Date Coding Systems

Complete inline date coding systems with custom designed conveyor options. Find out more...

Conveyance Systems

Conveyance Systems

Complete tabletop and mattop conveyor systems configured for your needs. Find out more…

Filtec 3

Fill Level Detection

Fill level detection systems from Filtec. Find out more…

Depal Repal Combo

Package Line Design

Ska Fab specializes in custom package lines and design. Find out more…

Parts Kits

Parts Kits

Parts kits for depalletizers and empty can palletizers with assortment of parts needed for most common repairs. Find out more…

Ska Fab Training Videos

Training Videos

Training videos to help you resolve issues that can cause problems and interfere with our equipment running at peak efficiency. Find out more...

Custom System Design

Custom System Design

We can accommodate a  variety of line speeds, containers, pallets, and other unique package products, for many different industries. Find out more…

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