Older Can-i-Bus Tri-plc (pre March 2016)




This parts kit is for older Can-i-Bus depalletizers that were manufactured prior to March 2016. We recommend that you call us prior to ordering so we can help you identify your machine. If you are uncertain about which Can-i-Bus parts kit to order, please call Ky Wright in tech support at 970-403-8562 prior to ordering. These kits have all of the common parts needed to keep you depalletizer running at peak efficiency.

Parts List:

• Assorted and rare Hardware kit including Pivot bolts
• Proximity sensor PFM1-BH-4H
• Helical couplers
• DMP-ON-1H 12mm Photoelectric Switch
• Tier sheet rubber grippers
• Dumpster block assembly 5:1 ratio
• Pneumatic Coil Bonded Tubing
• Vibrator
• Limit switch AAP2T71Z11

Please Note: Online orders can only be shipped to the continental United States. All other locations please call to order.