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Once your containers are full, a little quality control will help ensure that you're sending the best possible product to your customers. Rinsing and drying your cans will wash off any excess fill then blast them with air knives providing a nice clean surface. Our custom-made stainless-steel rinsing and drying enclosures are a perfect enhancement to your canning line. Once the cans are dry, our Date Inline Coding System will make sure that no one gets old product. Our custom conveyor system moves the can to one side of the conveyor allowing for date coding on the bottom edge of the can. The Ska Fabricating™ Air Blaster dries the print location just prior to printing by the Makem-Imaje date coder. Fill level detection is another step-in assuring quality products. The Filtec 3 with auto eject will make sure that all your cans are filled to optimum levels. Now that your cans are ready for pack-out, the PakTech Handle Applicator will quickly add 4 pack or 6 pack handles. Once the handles are on it's time to put your cans in a case carton. The Brewpack 200 and the Brewpack Jr. will have your cans packaged in no time.

A little quality control will go a long way in making sure you have happy customers. If you would like more information on any of these products, please use the links below.