Once your containers are full, a little quality control will help ensure that you’re sending the best possible goods to your customers. Our post-fill solutions are tailor-made to ensure that what leaves your line leaves a lasting impression.

Can Rinsing & Drying

The Ska Fabricating Can Rinse and Drying System

Our custom can rinsing and drying system is a perfect addition to your canning line. The system uses Republic® air knives combined with our custom designed can rinser and enclosures.

Our can rinser is specifically designed for cleaning cans after the canning process. It removes excess liquid and cleans the cans before packaging. The enclosure is made of stainless steel and incorporates 6 water nozzles. Water is collected in the bottom catch basin and drains through a 1″ fitting.

The air knife enclosure is also made of stainless steel and both enclosures have top handles for easy removal. The lids are secured with screw on fasteners making the cleaning process quick and easy.

Republic logoThe Republic® air knives incorporate a teardrop design to minimize the internal turbulence of air entering the knife while projecting it in a highly controlled manner through the discharge. As the air enters the knife, the lack of sharp edges within the knife minimizes pressure loss and turbulence while the air moves along the walls and is concentrated at the discharge. This creates a laminar flow exit velocity that is able to project much farther before dissipating and causes less excitation of the surrounding air. The air then impacts the target of the application and is able to rapidly shear away water and debris. 

Republic Air Knife systems are engineered, manufactured and tested to provide 99.9% of liquid, dust, and debris removal from products prior to labeling, inkjet laser coating, packaging, or other secondary operations using a high velocity, high impact air stream. Air knives are available in extruded aluminum or stainless steel with lengths from 2” to 196” with an adjustable gap for better air stream control. We offer nozzle knives for direct drying, air wipes to match your extrusion profile and wire, and food-grade air knives which are USDA and NSF compliant. Custom air knife designs are available to meet your exact needs.

Date coding

Markem-Imaje 9450 Date Code Printer

If improving the efficiency of your production process is one of your priorities, the new 9450 coder was engineered for you. The new Markem-Imaje 9450 is designed to be fully available, keep up with your line speed and secure each of your products with the right code!
Ska Fabricating specializes in the design and integration of Date Inline Coding Systems. Date coding cans has become a hot topic in the micro brewing industry. Ensuring that customers are buying fresh product should be a primary concern for brewers and date coding your product is an important step.

Ska Fabricating has developed a Quality Control Conveyor system to implement can drying, date coding and low fill checking all onto one conveyor. Our modular system is easily implemented between your filler/seamer and your method of six packing. This is a bolt on solution that is easily implementable. We make a custom bracket for the Markem Imaje print head so it integrates effortlessly into the line.

  • Maximize your production performance
  • Up to 99.9% availability rate
  • Up to 20% reduction in consumable use and energy consumption (no need for plant air) and minimizes your waste expenses
  • Wash it down with pressured water and industrial detergent and make sure your hygiene standards are met (IP56 standard, IP66 optional)
  • Automatic cleaning system will ensure jet stability remains perfect when restarting
  • Smart consumable system. No set-up required
  • Promotional coding and serialization functions to support your marketing initiatives
  • Ink references with a high level of adhesion, contrast and color as well as anti-diversion solutions and environmentally friendly inks
  • Easy running cost tracking via smart monitoring system
  • Code integrity is automatically checked via the new embedded Mark & Read vision system
  • Mono-jet printhead
  • G head (printing resolution: 71 dpi)
  • M head (printing resolution: 115 dpi)
  • Up to 5 lines of print
  • Print speed: up to 6.6 m/s
  • Font height from 5 to 32 dots
  • Character height: from 1.2 to 11.2 mm

Message library (up to 1000 messages)

  • International operator/machine interface with a wide choice of languages
  • WYSIWYG 7-inch wide touch screen: realtime display of remaining print capacity expressed in hours and number of messages; integrated assistance and alert system; simplified message printing and management; creation of user profiles; tracking of consumption and printer availability
  • USB and SD ports
  • Jet speed Control guarantees marking quality
  • Automatic selection of fonts, depending on print speed and printhead / object distance
  • Broad range of inks: multi-use, high performance; alcohol-based, ketone-free and Mek-free inks
  • Sealed 0.8-liter cartridges with foolproo ng system
  • Quick connect/disconnect of accessories (photocell, alarm and encoder)
  • Parent/child connectivity
    Specifc date management (rounding date function)

Fill level detection

Filtec 3

The Filtec 3 – Full container inspection detects over and under filled containers and capping defects. It inspects for over filling and under filling cans or bottles, and if the can end or bottle lid are fitted correctly. The Filtec 3 inspection system detects these issues as they arise on the filling line, as well as identifying bulged cans, high or low foam levels, glass bottle breakages, containers falling over on the line, and where applicable, missing foil seals.

The system is capable of handling filling line speeds – it runs at up to 2,400 cans a minute or 1,400 bottles a minute – and collects data as it goes, keeping count of the total number of containers analyzed and the total number of rejected parts. It also offers real-time continuous statistical analysis of the data, and uses sampling to monitor the performance of filler valves and the capping and closing heads, enabling the system to identify if a fault within an individual station is causing rejects.

  • Continuous monitoring and statistical analysis of line operations
  • Sampling of filler valves and closer/capper heads at high production speeds
  • Isolates and evaluates performance of individual filler valves and closer/capper heads
  • Small Footprint
  • Option of Gamma Ray, X-Ray Systems
  • No precise bottle pitch or spacing requirements
  • Total and individual throughput and reject counters
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Encoder-based tracking
  • PLC interface
  • Vent tube detection
  • DUD detection
  • Reject verification
  • Label detection
  • Touch screen user interface


Stretch Wrapping Disk

sThe Stretch Wrapping disk is a portable tool that allows the operator to load the pallet directly on its round surface. Once the pallet is loaded, the operator presses down on a pedal to make the disk spin, and hold the wrapping material next to the pallet itself as it rotates. The wrapping disk works on many pallet formations.

  • Portable, economical and efficient
  • 115V power requirement
  • Plug and play
  • 1/2 HP direct drive
  • 8 RPM
  • Accommodates pallets up to 3,500 lbs
  • Heavy-duty industrial powder-coated finish


700 VS In-Line Packaging System

The Paradigm 700VS is a completely new shift from current designs. It can be ordered as one configuration now and easily changed in the future by replacing or adding bolt-on parts. The conveyor height, width, and length can be reconfigured, along with the direction of the machine (left hand or right hand) and one of three labeling styles – wrap, spin-in place, or trunnion style. The machine features all stainless steel and aluminum construction, off-the-shelf components rather than proprietary boards and motors, a stepper-driven applicator and a standard Touchscreen interface on all models.
  • Applies labels from 1” to 4-1/2” tall (optional up to 7-1/2” tall) and 14” long
  • Labels 1” to 5” diameter containers
  • 1/8” standard label gap
  • Accepts industry standard 3” diameter label cores
  • Maximum label roll size is 12”
  • PLC controlled
  • Touchscreen Interface
  • Wrap, Spin-in-place, or Trunnion style label application
  • Conveyor width: 4 ½”, 6” and 7 ½” optional
  • Conveyor height: 32” standard, any height optional
  • Conveyor length: 72” standard, any length in 6” steps optional
  • Conveyor motor: 1/10 hp AC geared motor
  • Labeling Head motors: Stepper-driven
  • Power requirements: 120 volt AC, 60 cycle, 6 amp power
  • Compressed air: 3-4 cfm @ 65 psi
  • Hot Stamp/Ink Jet Coder for lot/date information
  • “Gallon” upgrade for containers up to 6½”
  • Clear Label Sensor
  • Air Blow-Off for removing excess moisture
  • Locking Casters
  • Spacing Wheel for product separation
  • Built-in Accumulation

700 SP In-Line Packaging System

The Model 700SP is a fully automatic and self-contained labeler designed to apply one or two body labels to round containers. Note that for two label applications (front and back) the labels must be alternating from the same web. This machine also is capable of applying clear labels and with the addition of this option, it is a great way to label to cans. It precisely controls web feed and placement by utilizing Spin-in-Place labeling techniques in addition to a stepper labeling drive. Spin-in-Place means that the label starting point is referenced from the wall of the container instead of the base, which is generally a better reference point. Gripper plates are designed to the bottle diameter for increased accuracy. Label placement accuracy is excellent on this machine.

The fully automatic 700SP Pressure Sensitive Labeler has a state-of-the-art PLC interface that easily controls all machine functions with the capability of saving 99 different labeling recipes in its memory. Normal set up and changeovers take less than ten minutes and require no tools. It accepts industry standard 3″ diameter core and 12″ label roll size. The model 700SP can be easily modified to apply labels up to 7½ ” tall. A Hot Stamp or Ink Stamp Coder is available to code date and lot information on the label.

  • Applies labels from 1” to 4-1/2” tall and 14” long. Tall label option for labels over 4-1/2” up to 7-1/2” tall.
  • Label containers from 1” to 6” in diameter
  • Speeds up to 1200 inches per minute
  • Labels can be moved up to 5” from the base of the container
  • Accepts random or continuous feed of container
  • Accepts industry standard 3” diameter core.
  • Standard label roll size is 12”; 14-1/2” and 16” available.
  • Conveyor width: 4 ½”
  • Conveyor height: 33” Standard (+4” up)
  • Conveyor length: 84”
  • Conveyor motor: 1/4 hp DC geared motor
  • Overall machine width: 60”
  • Overall machine height: 72”
  • Overall machine length: 88”
  • Overall machine weight: 550 pounds
  • Labeling Head motors: Stepper-driven
  • Power requirements: 120 volt AC, 60 cycle, 10 amp power
  • Compressed air: 3-4 cfm @ 65 psi
  • Clear Label Sensor
  • Hot Stamp Coder for date/lot information
  • 3-4 cfm @ 60-65 psi air required
  • Heavy Duty Locking Casters

Handle applicator


The American Canning PakTech Handle Applicator has a compact footprint and simple, yet robust design. It delivers full-sized machine performance to small craft beverage producers.

Line Compatibility: Ideal for in-line and conveyor belt-fed canning lines but designed to work with virtually all makes and models, including small to mid-sized rotary machines and conveyor-type “non-counter pressure” equipment. Essentially, if you can get your cans onto the built-in conveyor, the applicator will take care of the rest. They’ll build the conveyor deck height to order.


  • Capacity: +150 CPM
  • Cans: Standard (211 diameter) beverage cans
  • Handles: Easy-removal, PakTech can carriers
  • Configuration: 6 pack and 4 pack
  • Operating Footprint: 54″ x 20″
  • Power Requirements: 120V
  • Compressed Air: 50-100 PSI at <1 CFM

Capacity: 150+ cans per minute

Easy Use: The user interface has been stripped down to three buttons and two switches. With 120V of power and 50-100 PSI compressed air at <1 CFM, you can go from crate to applying in just minutes.

Compact: 54 inches by 20 inches operating footprint. The mobile configuration includes casters and folds to 30 inches by 20 inches for maximum portability.

Cans: 12oz, 16oz, 375mL and/or 500mL cans; no additional parts required.

Handles: For use with easy-release, PakTech 6Pak and QuadPak can carriers.

6-Pack Swinger

The 6pack swinger is a mechanical device that forces alternating cans side to side on a conveyor to prevent the cans from nesting at the end of the conveyor.  This lines them up perfectly for hand-applied pakTech caps, keeping the pack off technician from ever having to touch a can. The swinger is quicker and requires fewer people to operate than a standard pack-off.

DMM cartoners

Brewsky 500 SERVO Carton Packer

  • Higher speed all servo carton packer
  • Handles 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 15, 18, & 24pk cartons
  • Automated change over option
    12/16/19.2oz cans & sleek 8/12oz & slim 250ml.
  • 4-packs: 50 cartons per minute or 200 cpm
  • 6-packs: 50 cartons per minute or 300 cpm
  • 12-packs: 42 cartons per minute or 500 cpm
  • 24-packs: 21 cartons per minute or 500 cpm

CTC-30 SERVO Carton/Tray Packer

  • Combo machine, which handles cartons & corrugated trays at higher speeds
  • Handles 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 15, 18, & 24pk cartons
  • Handles 12, 18, 24-ct trays
  • Will handle pak-techs/hi-cones/cartons & loose cans into a tray
  • 12/16/19.2oz cans & sleek 8/12oz & slim 250ml
  • 4-packs: 30 cartons per minute or 120 cpm
  • 6-packs: 30 cartons per minute or 180 cpm
  • 12-packs: 22 cartons per minute or 265 cpm
  • 24-packs: 15 cartons per minute or 360 cpm
  • 24-ct Tray: 17 trays per minute or 408 cpm

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