Package Line Design

Ska Fabricating™ specializes in helping our customers design package lines that works efficiently, fit in areas with space restrictions and won’t break the bank. With over 400 installations worldwide, we have the experience to help you design a packaging line that you can count on. Our engineers will work with you to develop a layout for your line and our installers will make sure that everything is installed and working smoothly. Using Ska Fabricating™ for your design and installation means you can focus on making a great product for your customers.

Depal Repal Combo

We designed the original semi-automated can depalletizer for micro brewery’s over 5 years ago. It worked so well that we designed more types of depalletizers and repalletizers to handle all kinds of products. These products all have one thing in common, a need to get containers from a pallet to a finished product. What this means is that Ska Fabricating™ has experience developing packaging lines for many types of containers including cans, glass and plastics that come in a multitude of sizes. Our equipment is feeding all the major micro canning and bottling equipment on the market. We understand the nuances of the different brands and how to maximize our equipment for optimum performance.

Ska Brewery