Short Bus – Mobile Depalletizer

When we designed the mini version of our can depalletizer we were thinking of the mobile canners or breweries with space restrictions. The Short Bus mobile depalletizer is designed for half pallets of aluminum, plastic or composite materials, with a mobile option available.


  • Capable of depalletizing multiple sized packages of aluminum, plastic or composite materials
  • Speeds from 10 CPM up to 300 CPM with proper accumulation
  • Loads with a slim profile pallet jack or forklift
  • Numerous configuration options available to best fit your space
  • Minimal air consumption (<1 CFM @15 PSI)
  • Fully automated once pallet is inserted into the machine & the straps & tier frame are removed
  • Automated tier sheet removal
  • Custom height available for low 
clearance applications


  • Mobility Package
  • 110 Volt power
  • Custom detachable conveyor
  • Safety Gate


Short Bus Depalletizer Sample Layout - Ska Fab

Watch the Video Below: