Capable of speeds up to 30CPM, the Microbus depalletizer is optimized for the smallest of spaces and lower-speed applications.

The Microbus uses a hand crank (can also be raised using a hand-held drill instead of the hand crank) to lift the Pallet Lift Carriage.

The Carriage is raised until a layer of containers is level with the dead plate, then a belt-driven sweep pushes the layer onto the 44″ OD (Orbital Discharge) Rotary Table, which accumulates the containers, aligns them, and feeds them into a Rinse Cage.

Both the rotary infeed table and the automated sweep can be folded away, further reducing this already small machine’s footprint on your floor.  


  •  Air: No Air Required
  •  Voltage: 110-115VAC 1ph or 220VAC 1ph
  •  Lift Capacity: 200 lbs 
  •  Weight: 800 lbs
  •  Controls: Siemens


  •  For lines running up to 30 cpm 
  •  Powder coated mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum construction
  •  Foldable, storable rotary table discharge
  •  Foldable, storable automated sweep
  •  Accepts standard 44″x56″ pallet size up to 72″ high
  •  A full range of possible discharge directions, up to 270 degrees
  •  Easily loaded and moved using a pallet jack and our innovative welded mobility brackets


  • Add on a Twist Rinse Cage with 1/4” stainless rod guide rails & stainless rinse tunnel


  • Running: 115″ L x 61″  W x 96″  H, not including Rinse Cage
  • Stored: 62″  L x 61″ W x 94″ H, not including Rinse Cage
  • Max Pallet Load Height: 72″

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