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Ionized Air Can Rinser With Patented Air-Vac

A & E LogoIonized Air RinserA&E Conveyor Systems pioneered the waterless rinsing technology. They were the first company to introduce a commercially acceptable system for replacing conventional water rinsing systems. Historically the canning industry has used a simple water rinse ever since the introduction of non-returnable containers. The waterless rinsing systems are designed for higher speed canning lines. We recommend using Ionized Air rinsing for lines running at 110 cans per minute or above.


The A & E Pur-Rinse system is based on their patented Air-Vac technology. The Air-Vac principle uses high pressure ionized air as the cleaning agent, combined with a continuous vacuuming process at the opening of the container to help remove and collect debris from containers.


The A&E system uses an advanced ionization process that has built in diagnostic features along with an internal alarm function to provide assurances that the ionization system is operating correctly. The Air-Vac and the Advanced Ionization Controls are the two key elements that differentiate any other air rinse system from an A&E Pur-Rinse system.

Pur-RinseStandard Features

• Patented Air-Vac rinsing manifold

• Three stage air filtration

• Advanced ionization system with internal diagnostics

• Pressurized rinser chamber

• Fully inverted container

• Vacuum collections system

• Self contained controls with alarm beacon

• Power for AV-C500: 120V-1Ph-60Hz

• Power for AV-C750 and AV-C1000: 460V-3Ph-60Hz

• Air Requirements: 3-4 CFM at 80PSI

Ionized Air Rinser

Ionized Air Rinser

Air-Vac Manifold• 4 Air Ionizing Nozzles / With Vac PortStandardN/AN/A
Air-Vac Manifold• 4 Air Ionizing Jets / 8 Vac PortsN/AStandardN/A
Air-Vac Manifold• 8 Air Ionizing Jets / 8 Vac PortsN/AN/AStandard
Ionization System• Meech AE978v2 Self Monitoring with Alarm StatusN/AStandardStandard
Ionization System• Meech 233v3 Pulse Steady State DC with Alarm StatusStandardN/AN/A
Compressed Air System• 3 Stage Filtration, Pressure Regulator, and Auto Shutoff SoleniodStandardStandardStandard
Vacuum System• Collection Filter, 1 HP Vacuum BlowerStandardN/AN/A
Vacuum System• Collection Filter, 1.5 HP Vacuum BlowerN/AStandardStandard
Enclosure Pressurization• Pressure Blower, 1.5HP Intake Filter/SilencerN/AStandardStandard
Control Panel• Starter Panel, Local Motor Dissconects, Interlocks, Alarm beacon stack lightN/AStandardStandard
Control Panel• Starter Panel, Local Motor Dissconects, InterlocksStandardN/AN/A
Can Fittings• Inverter Twists, Gravity TrackOptionalOptionalOptional
Fault Monitoring System• PLC Based Monitoring System With HMI Display, and Sensor Kits for Compressed Air, Vacuum and Ionization SystemN/AOptionalOptional
Access Patforms• Stainless Steel Construction - Non Slip PlateOptionalOptionalOptional