Say hello to our little friend! We’re very excited to introduce everyone to the newest, smallest, most affordable member of our depalletizer lineup: The Microbus


At speeds of up to 30 cans per minute, the Microbus is a semi-automatic empty can depalletizer that features a manual hand crank to raise the pallet carriage and an automatic belt sweep that advances cans onto a rotary table prior to rinsing and filling.

This depalletizer was engineered and priced with smaller product volumes, budgets and spaces in mind. After your canning run, the Microbus’ sweep and rotary table fold and lock down for storage – shrinking its footprint to almost half of its (already tiny) running length. That means when it isn’t in use, it isn’t in the way, freeing up valuable space on your production floor.

For beverage producers who have always dreamed of consistency and quality that surpasses what is possible with manual packaging methods, the Microbus was created for you.


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