Innovating the Beverage Industry: Packaging Considerations for Unique Beverages in Aluminum Cans

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In a world where innovation and creativity drive consumer preferences, the beverage industry has been quick to adapt, bringing forth an exciting array of unique and diverse beverages. From sparkling water to craft cocktails, beverage innovators are not only concocting new flavors but also reimagining how these drinks are packaged and presented to the world. Delving into the minds of these innovators, we here at Ska Fabricating explore the considerations they undertake when packaging their distinctive beverages, with a focus on the use of aluminum cans as one choice they can make for their packaging needs. 

The Rise Of Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans have gained immense popularity as a packaging option for a wide range of beverages due to their lightweight nature, recyclability, and ability to preserve freshness. These cans offer a versatile canvas for beverage creators to showcase their unique concoctions and capture consumer attention. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of beverages that are now commonly packaged in aluminum cans and the key considerations for each, including aesthetics.
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Depalletizers For The Beverage Industry:

  1. Hard Seltzer:

Hard seltzers have taken the beverage scene by storm, appealing to consumers seeking a light and refreshing alcoholic option. When it comes to packaging hard seltzers, aluminum cans offer unparalleled benefits. Innovators in this space pay particular attention to label design, opting for vibrant and energetic visuals that mirror the drink’s effervescence. The sleek and modern look of aluminum cans further complements the contemporary appeal of hard seltzers, making them a natural fit for on-the-go enjoyment.

  1. Sparkling Water and Sodas:

The rise of health-conscious and non-alcoholic consumers has driven the popularity of sparkling water and innovative soda flavors. Beverage innovators packaging these refreshing drinks in aluminum cans in order to prioritize vibrant, lively designs. Aesthetics play a pivotal role, as these beverages are often enjoyed casually, making the visual appeal a crucial factor in the consumer’s decision-making process.

  1. Ready-to-Drink Cocktails:

The convenience of ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails has revolutionized the beverage industry. Innovators crafting cocktails in cans carefully consider the balance between design and information. Engaging visuals that evoke the essence of the cocktail’s ingredients, combined with a clear representation of alcohol content and flavor notes, help consumers make swift and confident choices. (See the Can-I-Bus Depalletizer hard at work at Cutwater Spirits:

  1. Cold Brew Coffee and Energy Drinks:

Cold brew coffee and energy drinks are on-the-go beverages that cater to busy lifestyles. Aluminum cans are an excellent choice for these beverages due to their portability and ability to keep the contents chilled. Innovators often focus on sleek, modern designs that convey a sense of energy and alertness, mirroring the beverage’s intended effects.

  1. Tea and Health &  Wellness Drinks:

The tea market has witnessed a renaissance, with new and inventive tea blends to captivate consumers. Aluminum cans have emerged as an ideal packaging choice for ready-to-drink teas. Beverage creators in this realm prioritize packaging that reflects the characteristics of this beverage while also conveying the drink’s unique flavor profile. The protective qualities of aluminum cans ensure that the tea’s freshness and integrity are preserved, allowing consumers to savor the same quality as if it were just brewed.

Functional beverages such as vitamin-enhanced waters and protein shakes are increasingly finding their way into aluminum cans. Innovators in this space prioritize packaging that communicates the beverage’s health benefits and ingredients clearly. A blend of calming aesthetics and informative labeling is key to attracting health-conscious consumers.

  1. Craft Ciders:

Craft cider innovators focus on creating eye-catching label designs that reflect the brand’s personality and the beverage’s flavor profile. A balance between intricate artwork and clear, concise information about the beverage is essential to attract consumers browsing the shelves for something new.

  1. Wine:

While glass bottles have long been the norm for wine, canned wines are gaining traction due to their portability and convenience. This confluence of a beverage so rich in heritage and tradition being packaged in a modern and sleek vessel allows for myriad means of expression when it comes to the aesthetic and outward face of the brand itself.  These labels often tell a story about the wine’s origin  and characteristics, inviting consumers to explore a different side of the wine world.

  1. Kombucha:

The world of unique beverages wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of kombucha, a fermented tea known for its probiotic benefits and refreshing taste. When packaging this effervescent elixir, innovators consider label designs that capture the essence of kombucha’s natural and rejuvenating qualities. The use of aluminum cans not only ensures the integrity of the drink but also caters to on-the-go consumers seeking a convenient and sustainable option for their health-conscious choices.

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Considerations for Aesthetics and Sustainability:

Beyond the specific considerations for each beverage type, there are overarching factors that beverage innovators bear in mind. Sustainability is a significant concern, as consumers increasingly favor brands that prioritize eco-friendly packaging. Aluminum cans are easily recyclable, and brands that incorporate this message into their packaging resonate well with environmentally conscious consumers.

Aesthetics go hand in hand with sustainability. Bold, creative designs that stand out on the shelves while remaining true to the brand’s ethos are a hallmark of successful beverage packaging. Colors, typography, and imagery should align with the beverage’s identity, sparking an emotional connection with consumers.

Beverage innovators are not only transforming taste experiences but also revolutionizing packaging strategies. Aluminum cans offer a blend of practicality, freshness preservation, and endless design possibilities. As you stroll through the beverage aisle, take a moment to appreciate the thought and creativity poured into each can, bringing you not just a drink, but a work of art that speaks volumes about the innovators shaping the modern beverage landscape.

Redefining Packaging Efficiency Behind The Brand:

Packaging plays a pivotal role in capturing consumer attention for these innovative new aluminum can beverages.  The packaging operations behind the scenes need to operate efficiently and with high quality, maximum flexibility, and maximum throughput in mind. This is where Ska Fabricating’s depalletizing solutions step in.  Ska Fabricating offers a transformative path for beverage innovators to make a remarkable impact on consumers and achieve substantial savings in their packaging processes.

Ska Fabricating delivers on these capabilities with multiple platforms tuned to the specific model of the beverage innovator.

High volume systems with maximum throughput and flexibility are available for the large co-packers and operations geared for rapidly growing beverages winning in the marketplace.  These operators include:

  • Automated bulk palletizers for can makers.  These are the suppliers at the front-end of the aluminum can beverage market, and where cans begin their journey on the way to store shelves.
  • Automated depalletization/bulk palletization systems for can decorators.  These are suppliers who provide high speed, flexible printing operations so that cans capture the brand, and consumer interest.
  • Automated depalletizing systems for beverage packaging plants.  Sometimes these are in-house filling operations owned and operated by the brand.  Often, these operations are co-packers that brand owners and innovators have partnered with to deliver their product to market.
  • Low volume systems focused on local brand creators.  Ska Fabricating has built a complementary set of automated equipment geared for emerging operators who need a local packaging operation tied to their beverage site.  These innovators have a hands-on orientation to creating their beverage, and want to own the canning process to fully control quality and freshness, and to develop their market through local distribution before expanding nationwide.  Ska Fabricating serves those emerging brands with highly flexible equipment that allows an emerging beverage producer to scale efficiently and profitably.


Engineered with precision to cater to a diverse range of container types, automated packaging solutions eliminate the labor-intensive process of manually unloading and preparing products for packaging. Beyond the operational benefits, these solutions directly contribute to the visual appeal of products on the shelf by ensuring the utmost care for the artwork and brand aesthetic in their container handling processes. Moreover, as sustainability and cost-efficiency remain top priorities, automated packaging solutions offer beverage innovators the opportunity to optimize their packaging processes, resulting in significant savings that can be invested back into product development and brand elevation. 

From canned craft cocktails to innovative sparkling beverages, Ska Fabricating empowers beverage creators to go beyond the ordinary, delivering products that not only taste exceptional but also make an unforgettable visual statement on the shelf.


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