Glass DepalletizerSnodgrass – Bottle & Glass Depalletizer

Our bottle and glass depalletizer is very similar to its cousin the Can-i-Bus Depalletizer. When we designed our low-level bottle depalletizer we kept the same recipe of a slim-profile, semi-automated depalletizer with numerous configuration options to best fit your space. Under the right conditions, the glass depalletizer can easily integrate with existing single filers or mattop conveyors.


Standard Features:

     • Designed with space and cost in mind

     • Small footprint at 51” x 72”

     • Multiple conveyance options

     • Numerous configuration options available

     • Easily integrates into existing lines

     • Speeds from 25 BPM up to 300 BPM with proper conveyance

     • Loads with a standard pallet jack

     • Minimal air consumption
(5-6 CFM @ 120 PSI intermittent)

     • Several voltage options

     • Fully Automated once pallet is inserted into machine and the straps

     and tier frame are removed

     • Automated vacuum tier sheet removal

     • User friendly touchscreen controls

Glass Depalletizer & Conveyor


Watch the Bottle & Glass Depalletizer Below: