For Care of Craft, Ska Fabricating’s commitment to the brewing industry

Of all the words commonly associated with the beer and brewing industry, ‚craft‚ is the term most often coined. ‚Craft‚ comes from Old English meaning ‚to make skillfully.‚ Certainly, when one considers the process that goes into making a craft beverage, craft is a word that is fitting to the care and cultivation of the process. From product sourcing to ingredient infusion with the correct attention paid to heat and time ‚Äì it is a delicate balance. Cultivating connoisseurship in this industry is not something that happens overnight, but rather a pursuit, a passion, a striving to know more and to experiment with new recipes and new ingredients.

Sharing the fruits of your labor is the pride of every brewer, and with this passion comes a true understanding of what it takes to handle the components one has created and how to get your product into the hands and homes of the consumer. Youve taken the time and put the care into your craft – seeking out companies to help you take that product to market who understand the time youve invested seems like the most logical choice.

The Ska Fabricating family has been honing its craft in the creation and manufacturing of depalletizers for years now. We were born from the world of beer – and though we have grown in many different directions, we have remained a steadfast thought leader and expert when it comes to helping brewers package their products. We understand the care youve put into your craft, and this is echoed in the design of the full height and half height depalletizers that we create in our Durango and Grand Rapids locations. Based in the USA and manufactured by hard-working folks like yourself, we are here to see you succeed as you watch your own business grow and become in the directions that your vision propels you towards.

But which depalletizer is the correct choice as you are considering the ways in which you hope your business will grow? The Ska Fab lineup of half height depalletizers and full height depalletizers cater to a wide range of speed, budget, and space considerations.

Our most mobile and compact depalletizer, the Microbus, can run 10-30 cans per minute and includes a foldable deadplate and rotary table discharge. We have many customers with large spaces that like the portability and ease of storage of this machine, as well as the price tag…the Microbus is great for a smaller budget – around $21,500 including a rinse cage.

The next step up is the Nimbus, a half-height depalletizer that can add versatility and full automation to your existing setup. The Nimbus will take you up to 10-50 cans per minute, and its pallet jack portability, foldable rotary discharge and small footprint makes it easy to move and store. When we created the Nimbus, we had your brewery production staff in mind – automating your line moves people in your production process from stacking and pulling cans to more meaningful and fulfilling roles within the brewery.

Ska Fabs original full-height favorite, the Can-i-Bus, is the next size in our lineup. At a pace of 25-400 cans per minute with an automatic sweep and the option to add a rotary table discharge, the Can-I-Bus is known industry-wide for its customization, efficiency, and reliability. Ska Fabricatings custom conveyance and custom operator platforms also are important to note here – we truly can design anything you need for your footprint and growth trajectory.

Crafted items take time, they take skill, and they take extreme patience and a willingness to try new things and just see how they will work. Innovation is another word that comes to mind, and the team at Ska Fabricating has been in this space of bold machines and innovative solutions since our inception. We care about the work that we do because we understand the craft of the products that we are entrusted to care for. Let us help you grow – were excited to hear about your projects and your passion!

Ska Fabricating automates packaging lines for craft businesses, specializing in depalletizers, palletizers, conveyance systems, rinsing, drying, filling and date coding products. With more than 2,000 customers worldwide in more than 30 countries, Ska Fab has the products and experience to help you increase your production while saving expenses. Contact a rep at or give us a call at (970) 403-8562.

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