FAR Bulk

Full height automatic palletizer for aluminum and other metal containers.

The FAR Bulk Palletizer is available in a variety of configurations and runs at speeds up to 600 CPM. It can be used on lines with full height depalletizers or other custom height depalletizers depending on location and ceiling height. Requiring only a single operator and a single tool, the FAR palletizer’s streamlined design makes it possible for fast-paced changeovers.


  • Dimensions vary depending on configuration
  • Automatic layer formation
  • Automatic tier sheet layers
  • Accommodates multiple can sizes with simple part changeover
  • Load/unload with pallet jack
  • Minimal air consumption
  • Custom colors and pallet sizes available
  • Etched-in labeling clearly delineates which changeover parts correspond to various can sizes
  • 25-600 CPM
  • 400 lb lift capacity
  • 116″/144″ discharge height


  • One (1) Part-time operator needed for monitoring and top frame placement for pallet change
  • Line Speed Up to 600 cpm 
  • Full-Height: 21 layers of 12oz 18 layers of 16oz
  • Half-Height: 11 Layers of 12oz 9 Layers of 16oz
  • Custom Height Varies depending on customer requirements
  • Pallet Size US & Canadian Standard (44″x56″ & Custom)


  • User friendly HMI touch screen (7” LCD) Siemens controls, AB available
  • Multicolor LED stack light indicator for pallet change over and/or machine fault
  • Electrical panel safety disconnect/lockout and e-stop for operator safety
  • 208-240V 1/3PH or 480V 3PH
  • 6-8CFM @80 PSI


Accumulation tables and conveyors are designed to hold, move or elevate your aluminum or metal cans at different points during the conveying or packing process. Ska Fab will help you pair your palletizer with the right conveyor system to meet your speed and space requirements.

a conveyor belt in a warehouse
FAR palletizer

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