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Is the Can-I-Bus mobile?

While it doesn’t come standard, it can be made mobile with castors up to full height.

Why can’t I have ionized air on a double barrel?

We don’t offer it because the A&E ionized air rinser we use is a standalone frame. The good news is that changeover for the ionized air rinser with our twists is tool-less and incredibly simple, and the twist sections are very short and easy to store.

What are the lift capacities of the depals?

HPOD: ~200 lbs

CIB: 400lbs

MAB: 400lbs

Snodgrass: 1200lbs

What is the overall weight of all the depals?

HPOD: ~1,300 lbs

CIB:  ~1,500lbs

MAB: ~4,500 lbs

Snodgrass: ~1500lbs

Can you make a custom Can-I-Bus?

Yes, you can! Just talk to your sales rep to discuss this customization for your machine.

Is your machine CE certified?

It can be! Just talk to your sales rep to discuss this customization for your machine.

Can you use multiple different pallet sizes in the same machine?

We can accommodate different pallet sizes only in the Can-i-Bus narrow in narrow out configuration. Ideally, the narrow side would stay the same but if there is a very minor difference it is doable. Different size depths can be handled with a custom machine build.

Am I required to have a formal install of my equipment?

While it is recommended, you are not required to have an installer out if you are setting up a HPOD. The rest of our machines require an official install by a certified Ska Fab installer.

Why do I need a layout?

An accurate layout is one of the most useful tools that we can both use to move your project forward. A complete layout makes it possible for us to see how your floor is laid out, know how much room is available, and from there, we can start providing you with layouts that make the most sense for your specific space. We prefer a .dwg file but a .pdf or even a hand drawing will work as long as all potential obstacles are shown (tanks, drains, curbs, keg washing area, forklift path, etc.) and the measurements are accurate (including ceiling height). 

If you don’t have an existing layout available, we ask that you have one of your guys/girls head over to the packaging area with a tape measure, pencil, and paper, to work something up. The end result of the layout that we create together will be an invaluable tool for years to come.

Why can’t I print on the rinse cage?

Rinse cages do not provide a consistent speed for the cans to get proper dates. Because of this, the cans won’t get 100% accuracy, and there is the possibility of missed cans due to occasional can jams. Having accurate date coding is important for many reasons, but in the catastrophic event of a recall, the accuracy and consistency of your date coding is absolutely imperative, so 100% accuracy is key.

Do you offer a filler?

We don’t. Our specialty is “can handling”, not “can filling”. Our equipment is made to suit any filler you throw at us, and we work with awesome filling partners that have spent years perfecting their specialty the way we have perfected ours.

Can I run glass and cans on the same depal?

Yes, you can. The Snodgrass was created with this flexibility in mind.

Can I run multiple can sizes through the same rinse cage?

No, you can’t, nor do we offer an adjustable rinse cage – each individual cage is dedicated to a specific size. The double barrel includes 2 of these individual cages to make it possible to switch can sizes easily.

Do you buy back or sell used equipment?

No, we don’t. There is a strong second hand market out there, and that’s primarily where used Ska Fab equipment finds new homes.

Can I arrange my own freight?

You can, but you also have the option for Ska professionals (who do this daily) to happily handle freight for you. In order to save for our customers, we drop-ship directly from third party suppliers whenever possible, so depending on the complexity of your project, numerous shipments are usually required. We only charge what freight actually comes to, so if it’s less than our estimate, that’s what you pay.

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