Ska Fabricating would like to thank all of our customers for their business and support. Here is  some of the nice feedback we've received from our customers.

Four Pure LogoAs a part of a $1.2M investment in upgrading our small packaging operations we sought out the most suitable and best in class depalletizer and support to run alongside a new 24 head rotary can filler. Ska Fabs experience helped us select, design, and complete the full in-feed element of this project and it runs like a dream!  Ska handled international business very well, delivered on time and to budget, and have provided excellent after sales care.

Dan, Founder Fourpure London, UK


Bozeman Brewing“We love our Ska Fab Depal and wonder how and why we ever got along without it.”

Todd, Owner-Bozeman Brewing



Modern Times“It’s like watching a canning line terminator: relentless and terrifyingly efficient…it’s changing our world”

Modern Times Beer referring to the Can-I-Bus Depalletizer



Bauhaus“From our initial discussions with Sonia through conception/configuration with Matt and installation of our Can-I-Bus depal and DICS conveyor with Ryan, we had an excellent experience working with Ska Fab. Their design and fab skills are top-notch, and they have the customer service to match.”

Matt, President-Bauhaus Brewing Labs


Farnham"Just to let you know that we have started our new line yesterday. The depal works perfectly. It was very easy to adjust the sensor and have it up running. User friendly and stupid proof, works great"

Farnham Ale & Lager


Bonfire Brewing"When I think of Ska Fab and our Can-I-Bus Depalletizer I can only think of positives...the install was smooth & the technician was professional and very helpful. The equipment is relatively maintenance-free, easy to understand and operate, and is very intuitive.  On top of all that the Can-I-Bus has allowed us to can with 1.5 less employees, freeing up team members for other tasks and helping our bottom line."

Andy Jessen Co-Founder Bonfire Brewing


Magic Rock Brewing“Our Can-i-bus de-palletizer has been a great addition to our line and has worked faultlessly since installation. Ska-Fab were incredibly helpful during our plan out stage offering solid advice and support. The depal was delivered on time and was easy to install. We’d recommend them without hesitation”.

Richard-  Managing Director of Magic Rock Brewing Co.