Ska Fabricating’s Container Type Automation Solutions

The container in which a company chooses to present their product is a major decision. Transportation, cost, availability, ease of handling, food safety, marketing considerations – these are some of the many factors that producers have to consider when deciding which container or containers will represent their brand in the marketplace. Often arriving in bulk, layered pallets, most containers require an automated solution at the front of the packaging line (and throughout) their packaging line in order to maximize efficiency and minimize handling.

The lineup of Ska Fabricating depalletizers are designed with this type of multi-faceted functionality in mind. Capable of handling a wide range of container types including : PET, plastic, HDPE, fiberboard, aluminum beverage, aluminum and other metals for non-beverage, and glass in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Half and Full Height depalletizers are available in both manual and automatic configurations and can be customized with specific needs and footprints in mind. With a wide array of discharge options available for these machines, conveyors can be customized to meet your application speeds requirements.

Transitioning from one elevation to another safely is another important consideration for automated packaging lines, and the Z- and S-Style Side grip lowerators make this shift in elevation safe and easy. The footprint of these lowerators is extremely small, a simple upgrade that helps to maximize the space available and ensure smooth product flow.

Changeovers are always something that create down-time for lines in motion, which adds up quickly and reduces overall profitability. By incorporating machinery like the Z- and S-Style Side grip lowerators, which have completely tool-less adjustability for varying container sizes, planned downtime for changeovers is dramatically reduced.

Adjustability is key to any business venture, it’s a competitive advantage to be flexible and fluid in order to deal with situations that arise. Having automated equipment on your side that is designed with ease of use and adjustability in mind for a wide range of container types and sizes is just one way to stay ahead of the curve – and the competition.

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