Can Depalletizers

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Our can depalletizers offer reliable automation for lines running cans anywhere from 10 to 600 CPM. You’ll find our famous small footprint depals at the head of the line for any canned product that needs to be moved from a pallet to a filler.

Can-i-Bus Depalletizer

The Ska Fabricating™ Can Depalletizer is the original, small footprint, semi-automated depalletizer. It is designed with space and cost in mind and is capable of depalletizing multiple sized packages of aluminum and metal containers. The Can-i-Bus Depalletizer is fully automated once the pallet is inserted and the straps and tier frame are removed. Works with all canning lines running at 25 to 400 cans per minute with proper accumulation and conveyance.

  • Numerous configurations available to best fit your space
  • Multiple voltage options available
  • Dimensions: 72″ x 51″ x 134″
  • 155″ ceiling clearance (to stand machine)
  • Metric: 1829 mm x 1295 mm x 3404 mm, 3937 mm ceiling clearance
  • Category 3 safety doors with Solenoid Interlock
  • Tier sheet catch 
  • Will accommodate full height or smaller pallets
  • Capable of depalletizing aluminum or metal containers
  • Speeds from 25 CPM to 400 CPM (with the proper conveyance and accumulation)
  • Loads with a pallet jack
  • Minimal air consumption (<1 CFM @ 20 PSI) (<.03cmm @ 2 Bar)
  • Automated tier sheet removal
  • User friendly touchscreen controls – Siemens PLC
  • CE certification package
  • Vertical Height Sensor (used to switch can size on lines that depalletize up to 9 sizes)
  • Depal Pal – Tier sheet storage bin (floor mount)
  • Heavy duty work platform
  • Twist rinse cage with 1/4” (6.35 mm) stainless rod guide rails & stainless rinse tunnel
  • Variety of discharge conveyor options best suited for packaging line speeds
  • Custom color choices available
  • Stainless steel

Our can depalletizer is available in custom heights.  It is designed for canners or breweries with space restrictions. It is designed for half pallets of aluminum or other metal containers.

  • Capable of depalletizing multiple sized packages of aluminum or metal
  • Speeds from 10 CPM up to 300 CPM with proper accumulation
  • Loads with a slim profile pallet jack or forklift
  • Numerous configuration options available to best fit your space
  • Minimal air consumption (<1 CFM @ 15 PSI)
  • (<30L/MIN @ 1.1 BAR)
  • Fully automated once pallet is inserted into the machine and the straps and tier frame are removed
  • Automated tier sheet removal
  • Custom height available for low clearance applications


The Nimbus combines the best features from two of our best-selling machines to create a new, low-cost depalletizer that’s optimized for small spaces and lower speed applications. It expands the cutting-edge features of our patented turntable design, providing additional accumulation and the ability to fold down and stow the rotary table—further reducing the machine’s footprint when not in use. This innovation, combined with our Can-i-Bus’ pallet lift and layer sweep design, creates a compact, efficient can depalletizer with a discharge height that allows for excellent can drop and many discharge angle options. This machine is essentially silent (no vibrator) and requires minimal real estate on your production floor.

  • Narrow-in Narrow-out Configuration
  • Belt Driven Sweep / Actuator
  • Standard 44″x56″ Pallet Size
  • Powder Coated Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Construction
  • Siemens Controls
  • 4″ HMI Touchscreen
  • 208-240V 1 or 3 Phase
  • Rotary Table Discharge
  • Safety Interlock Door
  • Rated to 50cpm
  • Includes one standard sized Nimbus/Half Pint Rinse Cage
  • Numerous discharge configurations to best fit your space
  • Easily loaded and movable with pallet jack or forklift

Magic Bus

Gone are the days of pouring time and labor into the manual handling of pallets, top frames and tier sheets on your canning line – the Magic Bus allows packaging teams to “set it and forget it” by simply loading cans, debanding, and pressing start. A two-pallet infeed pulls pallets of cans into a depalletizer, where they are automatically emptied, stacked, and have their top frame and tier sheets removed and stored. It is a one-stop-shop for depalletizing cans on lines running at 25 to 600 CPM/1,500 – 36,000 CPH, and is ideal for any application where speed is important, increased automation is needed, and operator involvement can be minimized.

  • Depalletizer with Narrow-in, Narrow-out (NI-NO) configuration
  • Motorized dual pallet infeed system
  • Motorized pallet outfeed system with empty pallet stacker (6 pallets before removal)
  • Siemens PLC platform with 7in HMI touch-screen controls
  • Variable Can Height System – selectable on HMI with no sensor relocation
  • Vacuum Tier Sheet and Top Frame Removal
  • Belt sweep
  • Custom colors
  • Remote HMI for maximum operator interface flexibility
  • Custom configurations for depalletizer height and pallet size
  • Custom loading/offloading directions available
  • Allen Bradley controls
  • Multiple discharge conveyance options available to best suit line speeds and space constraints
  • Air consumption: Air consumption: 12 CFM @ 80 PSI
  • Speed: Up to 600 cpm/36,000 CPH
  • Dimensions: Two pallet infeed, NI-NO: 281” L, 64” W, 134” H, 155” ceiling clearance to stand machine
    • Metric: 7137 mm L, 1626 mm W, 3404 mm H, 3937 mm ceiling clearance to stand machine
  • Lifting capacity: 300 lbs
    • Metric: 136 kg
  • Pallet specs: 44” x 56” pallet (custom configurations available for different pallet sizes)
    • Metric: 1118 mm x 1422 mm

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