Ska Fab's Depalletizing Solutions for the Beverage Industry

Companies around the world look to Ska Fab to package their unique beverages

Ska Fab depalletizers are an economical and efficient means to unload your empty aluminum, glass, or plastic beverage containers from bulk layered pallets.

Kombucha, wine, ready to drink (RTD) cocktail, coffee, tea, soda, sparkling water, cider, water, non-alcoholic, hard seltzer, energy drinks, wellness drinks…when it comes to beverage packaging, Ska Fab is the trusted expert.

Our depalletizers are robustly constructed, utilize quality components, and are designed with easy operation, reliable performance, and a compact footprint in mind. We offer manual and automatic depalletizers for unloading full or half-height pallets.

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Automation for your packaging line - depalletizers from Ska Fabricating

Magic Bus auto depalletizer for bulk depalletization of full-height pallets.

depalletizer for glass, metal, and plastic

FHA 3000 & 5000 auto depalletizer for full-height pallets of plastic, glass or metal beverage containers. 

Can-I-Bus auto depalletizer for full-height pallets

HHA 5000 auto depalletizer for half-height pallets of plastic, glass or metal containers.

Additional Equipment for the Beverage Industry