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About Us

Ska Fabricating Established 2012


Ska Fabricating is a result of Ska Brewing Co which was formed in 1995 in Durango, CO. As a co-owner of Ska Brewing, Matt Vincent spent many long hours dreaming up ways to improve efficiency. Quite simply,by making things easy, people are happy and happy people make good beer! As Ska began to grow, along with other craft breweries, they identified a need for equipment that was either too expensive, too big, or simply had yet to be created. As the craft brewing industry continues to grow rapidly, there is a need for equipment that caters to those small breweries that can’t afford large solutions.  

When Matt built the first depalletizer it was fabricated out of pallet racks and a garage door track.  As the demand for depalletizers increased Matt looked to Dan Morris to machine parts.  Matt and Dan’s collaboration became Ska Fabricating.  They refined the design of our flagship product the Can-I-Bus Depalletizer, made many improvements, and dialed in the operation of the machines.  We have now sold 280+ depalletizers around the world and continue to develop more products in our fleet with space and cost in mind.

Ska Fabricating’s


Humble beginnings


in Hesperus, CO