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Born in the small town of Durango, CO, Ska Fabricating started as a homegrown answer to problems that brewers couldn’t find solutions for. Today, Ska Fab equipment is used every day all over the world, in businesses that extend far beyond craft breweries. 


Matt Vincent, the third partner in Durango’s largest and most award-winning craft beer brewery, invented and built dozens of devices over the years to help Ska Brewing achieve efficiencies in the brewing, packaging and distribution of their beer. The strong demand for one of those machines, the can depalletizer, inspired Vincent to start a new company to serve the needs of his fellow brewers.
Ska Fabricating began in June of 2012 in a 500-square foot space west of Durango, CO. At that time, machinist Dan Morris joined the company as Vice President and partner, bringing years of CNC machining expertise. The company now employs 50+ people, manufacturing and selling depalletizers, conveyors, and packaging line equipment to businesses around the world.
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Ska Fab has provided over 1,000 businesses with depalletizers and other specialized packaging line equipment in all 50 states, 7 provinces, and 23 countries. Far beyond the confines of craft beer, Ska Fab serves many additional markets to include coffee, tea, kombucha, water, pharmaceuticals, spice containers, soda, orange juice, and many others.

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