Breathe Fresh Air Into Your Rinse Cages: 5 Reasons To Make the Switch From Water to an Ionized Air Rinser

Introducing The Ska Fab IonFlow Air Rinse System

In the beverage industry, ensuring the cleanliness of containers before filling them with delicious concoctions is essential. Whether it’s beer or canned wine, producers rely on a limited number of methods to achieve this goal. These methods are crucial for ensuring that containers reach the filling stage in a clean and ready-to-use condition.

The beverage industry has long relied on two main methods for cleaning containers: high-pressure air and water. In both processes, containers travel along the canning line and are sprayed with either air or water through nozzles mounted inside a metal cage. This cage flips the containers upside down as they exit the depalletizer and move towards the filler. Once inverted, the containers are thoroughly sprayed before continuing their journey upright, ready to be filled with beverages.

While both water and ionized air rinsers with vacuum are effective, the latter can often be prohibitively expensive for many beverage lines. Water, on the other hand, poses its own challenges—it’s costly and can create hazards on the production floor.

So, what's the solution for beverage producers caught between the expense of ionized air and the challenges of water?

Ska Fab has dedicated extensive effort to addressing this challenge, and we are excited to unveil our latest innovation: The Ska Fab IonFlow Air Rinse System. Ska Fab has redesigned traditional high cost air ionizers into an economical plug in replacement for water rinse cages, with savings of over 70% compared to traditional, heavy duty air ionizer systems.  Specifically tailored for lower speed beverage operations, our system offers a seamless solution. For existing rinse cage customers, our system can be easily mounted directly onto your existing rinse cages. 

Some packaging operations will stick with water as a known and reliable cleaning method – Ska Fab will continue to support and innovate in this space.  With the IonFlow Air Rinse System, however, you can bid farewell to water rinse systems. It represents a cost-effective upgrade for your entire operation, promising enhanced efficiency and performance.

Here are five compelling reasons why switching from water to air rinsing makes sense for any beverage producer:

1) Sustainability

It takes a good deal of water to produce beer – the making of beer and also the canning of beer.  The Brewers Association estimates that for every barrel of beer produced, seven barrels of water were used in the process.  By transitioning to ionized air rinsing, producers can significantly reduce their water consumption – contributing to a more sustainable operation.

2) Cost of Water

Water rinsing systems run continuously throughout the packaging process, leading to substantial water bills (especially for longer production runs).  By taking away the need for water, beverage producers can save on utility costs. The Brewers Association report goes on to say that, “In addition to the water used in production, wastewater generation and disposal presents another improvement opportunity for brewers. Most breweries discharge 70% of their incoming water as effluent. Effluent is defined as wastewater that is generated and flows to the sewer system. In most cases, brewery effluent disposal costs are much higher than water supply costs.”  Reducing water usage can mitigate the high expenses associated with effluent disposal.

3) Safety

Water on production floors can create slippery surfaces, posing safety risks for workers. By eliminating water usage in the rinsing process, ionized air systems contribute to a safer working environment, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

4) Cleanliness

Ionized air rinsing effectively removes contaminants from containers, ensuring they are clean and ready for filling. This method provides a high level of cleanliness without the need for water, chemicals, or additional drying processes, streamlining production and maintaining product quality.

5) Cost of Investment

Heavy-duty, high-speed ionized air rinsers can be the perfect solution if you are doing large quantities of production volume.  For many beverage producers, this is just not the case.  There has never before been an ionized air solution for these types of beverage-makers…until now.  The cost of this investment is similar to what you would spend on one standard rinse cage; this kind of savings makes our design not only noteworthy, but game changing for beverage.

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The introduction of Ska Fab’s IonFlow Air Rinse System marks a significant advancement in the beverage industry’s pursuit of efficient and sustainable container cleaning solutions. This system offers a seamless transition from traditional water rinse methods at a price point that is approachable for smaller scale operations. Its compatibility with existing rinse cages makes it a practical and cost-effective upgrade, promising not only enhanced efficiency but also improved overall performance. With Ska Fab’s Ionized Air Rinse System, beverage producers can embrace a cleaner, greener, and more streamlined approach to container cleaning.

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